November 18, 2021 3 min read

- Power Practical Brand Team

LED lights are the perfect way to make the holidays merry and bright in more ways than one. If you're hoping to brighten up the holidays for your friends and family, LED lights are a great way to make it happen. Not only will they literally brighten the room, whether you're looking for the soft glow of twinkle lights or the greater brilliance of strip lights, LED lights are, in many cases, a fun gift that your recipients will be sure to love. 

Why Do LED Lights Make Good Gifts?

LED lights make good gifts for a number of reasons.

  1. LED lights are better for the environment, making them the perfect "go green" gift for that environmentally-friendly family member. 
  2. LED lights will help your recipient save money year-round. (Hey, it's almost as good as a gift card!)
  3. There are gift options for people of all ages, from the kids that you're struggling to shop for to tough-to-buy-for adults that you can never quite seem to please. Even teens will fall in love with solutions like LED strip lights or fairy lights!
  4. They will help make friends and family members smile throughout the year--and keep them thinking of you!

Are you looking for the perfect gift to add to your Christmas list? Read on to get some amazing LED light gift ideas through this guide.

Different Types of LED Lights (And How to Use Them)

decorating outershed with LED rope lights

There are plenty of LED lights on the market, which means you have plenty to choose from. 

Strip Lights

Strip lights are thin strips of lights that can be used to illuminate almost anything. Many kids and teens use them to create a "fairy lights" effect in their rooms, while adults may use them to illuminate trick areas like the space underneath cabinets or the back of a TV or computer monitor, where it might otherwise be hard to get lighting in place.

Night Lights

LED night lights are perfect for little ones who might need a little extra illumination at night--or for adding a little extra illumination in places like bathrooms or hallways, where you might have a harder time navigating once the lights are out.

Smart Lights

As technology improves, smart lights have an increasing number of available features. Control them from your phone or other device, whether you want to set the lighting to a specific configuration to establish the mood you want for an event or you want to turn the lights on or off without getting up.

Grow Lights

Do you have a family member who loves to grow plants--and who might benefit from bringing a few indoors this holiday season? Grow lights can help replicate the benefits of natural sunlight inside the home, allowing plants to keep growing even as temperatures drop and daylight is in short supply outside. 

The Best LED Light Gifts for Loved Ones on Your List

rope lights as LED Light Gifts

What's at the top of your holiday shopping list this season? LED light gifts could delight your family members and make your gift the favorite. 

Color LED Rope Light

With color light rope, your recipient can customize their lighting to their heart's desire. The Luminoodle Color offers fifteen color choices, ten brightness settings, and a wireless remote and button controls that make it easy to create custom light effects and patterns. It's perfect for creating almost any effect, whether it's going camping to lightly illuminate the tent overnight or hanging in your loved one's bedroom.

Interior Light Strips

Interior light strips can offer a variety of advantages. They can hang under cabinets, offer professional-quality bias lighting, or simply make the world a little brighter. With everything from colors to white lights and even professional bias lighting choices, you'll be sure to find a solution that will help brighten up your recipient's home. 

Sparkproof Electric Lighter

Sparkproof electric lighteroffers a windproof dual arc plasma lighter and a built-in LED flashlight that will brighten up the darkest room or night. It recharges via USB in less than an hour, making it one of the most convenient options for many of your outdoor needs. It's small size makes it convenient to carry and also means it's a great stocking stuffer!

Fexible LED Strip Lights

Do you have a loved one who often struggles to see the small tasks they need to focus on? This task utility light is the perfect solution. It's thin, flexible, and can be hung anywhere. Wrap it, attach it via magnet, or slip it into whatever space you need. 

Let there be Light!

As you're preparing your holiday shopping list this year, think about giving the gift of light! With so many LED light gift options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect solution for many of the hard-to-buy-for people on your list.