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Summer has arrived, the weather is nicer, the kids are out of school, and you probably have an itch to go out and do something. For some, this can be hard; our lives are busy and we don’t get a lot of time to brainstorm something adventurous to do. We fall into our routine and stay safe because that feels good, right? We get off work, come home, and watch the next episode of whatever Netflix Original we are currently binging.
Like we said, routine isn’t a bad thing, but breaking it every once and while adds a whole lot of adventure to our lives. "Pushing yourself to disrupt your routine and try something new can make you can make you feel much better in health and in mind," Meg Selig wrote in Psychology Today that, “...routines are great! Until they're not. The disadvantages of an unhealthy routine are obvious. But even good, healthy routines can drag us down if we don't break them and re-form them from time to time.” This is completely true which is why we’ve made a guide to help spark some ideas on what do this summer to break your routine. We’ll start with cheap and easy and step it up as we go.
#1 - Switch up your route on your walk to work/recreational walk.
Yeah, this doesn’t sound like much, but exploring different parts of your neighborhood can make your life more interesting. Sometimes there's even a local store or restaurant tucked away somewhere. This doesn't have to be strictly walking either, take your bike, or even drive!
#2 - Buy everyone at the office a fun snack!
It’s simple, can be done at work, and adds more to not just your day but everyone else's. At the Power Practical office we buy beer for everyone, although this might not go over so well in other offices.
#3 - Host a backyard BBQ
If you or your friends haven’t been to a BBQ yet this summer now is the perfect time to host one. Get the grill out, cook up some meats, and fill the cooler with beverages. If you want to spice it up a bit, get a live band to come play!
#4 - Go to a drive-in movie theater
Believe it or not, there are still drive-in movie theaters in the US and there are quite a lot of them too. Summer nights are perfect for this kind of adventure. More likely than not you may have to drive a little further than normal to get to one which adds a little adventure in itself! Here’s a list of drive-in theater locations to make it easier for you.
#5 - Browse Groupon
Find an activity you wouldn't generally think of by browsing through Groupon's Things to Do section. These are usually fairly cheap to due to the awesome deals Groupon provides, make sure you get some friends to go in on whatever you find too!
#6 - Go Camping!
We'd be crazy if we didn't add camping to this list! Take the weekend and drive to the nearest area of nature. Pack some food and beer and let nature purge you of all your stress. Make sure you don’t forget your Luminoodle!
#7 - Experience a new place like a local
Back in November of 2016, AirBNB introduced Experiences which allows you to meet up with locals in certain cities and take part in different types of activities.
#8 - Go Ziplining!
Lot’s of mountain resorts offer zipline tours. These are adrenaline pumping but super safe and fun!
#9 - Take a train across the United States of America!
This is an huge trip that is fairly inexpensive and a simple way to see a huge part of America. It’s a 3,500 mile trip that can be done in 4 days without any stopovers, but you should totally stop and look around. It even stops in Salt Lake City, the home of Power Practical! This blogger explains how simple the world’s greatest travel experience really is.
#10 - Fly to Cuba!
Travel to Cuba is now unrestricted for Americans and can be pretty cheap. An average ticket from Miami to Havana is only $275. If you plan it right, getting there could be cheap. This is super cool experience as not a lot of people have been to Cuba, so it gives you something to brag about when you come back!
So there it is, our guide to making your summer more adventurous. Whether you switch up your routine with baby steps like taking a new route to work, or big ones like going to all the way to Cuba, we're sure doing any of these will make this hot season much more enjoyable! Remember, routine isn't bad and neither is being lazy and binge watching a Netflix show, but getting out and doing something different will feel exciting and new! This was our first real blog post in a while. We'd love to know what you think. Leave a comment below or send us a message with your thoughts and ideas! Thanks from everyone at Power Practical.


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Darren Stevens
Darren Stevens

June 14, 2017

I would recommend checking out the total solar eclipse happening this August 21st! The path of totality hits a large swath of the continental US.

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