Nepal Disaster Recovery

May 12, 2015 2 Comments


As some of you may know, another devastating quake struck Nepal Just yesterday night (Monday). Our associate and friend, David D'Angelo, has been in Nepal heading various humanitarian aid projects since long before the recent earthquakes struck the region. With the quakes causing so much devastation to the area, any and all projects switched gears to help with disaster relief. With it being a couple weeks now since the disasters began, the devastation continues.



The need for relief efforts is ongoing. People are still being rescued, families are still separated, and cleanup / re-construction will most certainly continue indefinitely at this point. Food, water and electricity are a very high necessity in the region.

Dave's team just returned to Kathmandu from Dhading District, where they were assessing the needs and damages of health posts across the district. In this district alone, 27 health posts are completely destroyed, leaving families without privacy and safe conditions for receiving medical care and mothers without a proper place to give birth to their children. 

They will be returning to this district in the next few days to start setting up tents to provide solar lights and batteries to over 20 of these health posts. We could not continue to do this work without your help. Thanks again for supporting Nepal during these challenging times. We will rebuild.

Be sure to check out the GoFundMe and help with what you can. It makes a major difference to a lot of individuals and families. You guys rock!







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Jean-Luc Masselin
Jean-Luc Masselin

May 17, 2015

Hi, would that be an idea to launch a buy one give one campaign as waka-waka sun lights does so if I buy you a stove and battery you give one to Nepal ?

JGH Boyes
JGH Boyes

May 12, 2015

Dear Reader,

I have recently moved into a major South Coast Garrison town in the UK (Folkestone). It is home to 600 serving Ghurka troops from Nepal. But an even larger community of ex-Ghurkas who work at anything from providing the security managers at out local Job Centre (where people out of work can claim welfare benefits). I was impressed & amazed how hard this has hit the good townsfolk of this population (50,000). But the sheer generousity & outpouring of donations to help the thousands of relatives “back home”, from folks that only know their sons are our boys serving Queen & Country. It certainly has made a deep impact on me, but please remember folks that Nepal is one of the most mountainous nations on the planet, communication is normally “on foot” when possible. We can all do a little to help that nation a lot.

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