June 03, 2015


Motos In Moab

Memorial Day weekend was big. It was a weekend. And it was big. We took off to Moab and we rode motorcycles, ate chips, road biked 125 miles, hiked on some rocks and got wet. It rained on and off the whole time so amidst floods and drenchedness, we got our adventures in and we got wet. 


We took advantage of our scenic campsite and made sure to include the Lithium 4400 (^ insert product image here )

We also went down with a bunch of friends who rode motorcycles down from all over the country for "Motos In Moab". Amidst police, rain, floods and other tragic events like running out of beer, we had some seriously good times.


The nights were beautiful and the campfires plentiful. If you have the opportunity to get out soon, we advise you do it and soak in the outdoors because there's nothing like it. Oh, and don't forget your PowerPot. DUH.


Blake Hansen
Blake Hansen


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