November 24, 2020 4 min read

During the pandemic, many companies have shifted to work-from-home mode making it necessary for employees to invest in a good efficient home office. There are many factors that will help in creating the environment ideal for an efficient work output. You can make simple additions, within your own budget, to get the ideal home office. For everything mentioned, there are a huge number of options available to choose from and you can pick those that come in your budget. Here’s what you can work on.

1. Desk or Workspace

The first and foremost thing that you will have to invest in is a desk. However, this desk does not need to be a standalone unit. During the pandemic work-from-home scenarios, there have been millions of creative solutions and ideas by people making their own work-from-home desk. This can be an extension of your countertop, one dedicated section of the wardrobe, and so much more. The desk you invest in will help you in avoiding any back pains that you may have from sitting for too long. For this, you can invest in a standing desk as well. 

2. Ergonomic Chair  

To go with your desk, you will also have to invest in a comfortable chair that lets you sit in a good posture. Sitting up straight with your feet planted on the ground, your thighs and calves making a 90 degree angle, and keeping your back straight is very essential in keeping your back healthy. Since you have to sit for long stretches to finish your work, it is important that you buy an ergonomic chair with proper back rest, lumbar support and a headrest. 

3. Dock Station 

Whatever system you use, be it a desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet, a USB dock will help you organize and utilize a wide number of peripherals. Many of the newer computer systems and laptops use a type-C USB connector and it draws a good amount of power. With a single dock plugged into your device via a USB type-C, you will be able to connect your charger, your USB storage devices, your headphones, your HDMI for computer monitors, and even get slots to plug and play your micro and mini SD cards. 

4. Headphones or Speakers 

In a time span of around 8 hours or more when you’re working, you might need music to get you started, or for a little break, and even to help you concentrate when there is a lot of background noise and you want to drown it out. For this, the best recommendations are listening to music stations which offer music that isn’t too distracting. And to listen to this music, you can either choose a set or pair of good speakers or get a great pair of headphones or earphones. The choice is your own preference since some people love to make the music ambient, but allow themselves to hear other noises too, for this, speakers are an ideal choice. But if you want to enjoy the music alone, go for headphones or earphones. 

5. Desk Organizers 

Every desk needs organizers such as file systems, pen holders, sticky notes deck, paper trays, simple planners etc. These will help you in staying planned properly and you will save ample time as everything will be in order and easily accessible when needed. Desk organizers are handy when you’re working simultaneously in different media such as digitally as well as on paper. 

6. Smart Speakers 

Another thing that can help you in staying organized are smart speakers that come from popular OEMs. These will help you in quickly accessing required data via voice commands. You can ask the speakers to change music, tell the time, notify about the weather and whatnot. It will be your personal assistant in all your work tasks. 

7. Wallpapers 

Although wallpapers may not be essential, but for an efficient home office space these will help you get in the mood to work your 9-to-5hrs perfectly. Wallpapers can be motivational, inspirational, and even aesthetic. Wallpapers in soothing colors will contribute towards creating a relaxing environment. Even a simple geometric pattern that matches your color scheme can go a long way in providing the nudge you need to stay put in your desk. 

8. Lighting 

All workspaces need proper lighting to help you focus as well as keep your eyes from straining. The best possible way is to add luminoodles under or on the back of your computer monitor/laptop. This way you’ll be able to create a perfect ambient light that can help to avoid any kind of strain that your eyes may suffer from due to insufficient lighting. Another good idea is to add a focus light such as a desk lamp. You can add warm or cool lighting and even experiment with RGB lighting. The latter will help you in creating a properly lit atmosphere according to the mood you’re in, such as blues for concentration, yellows for night time reading and focus and continuous rainbow effect to feel upbeat during that boring work assignment. 

9. Coffee Products 

You can never complete a home office without the right fuel to keep you going during your work hours. Most of the people in the world prefer a hot cup of coffee in the morning to give them the boost of energy they need to kickstart the day. Once they have had it, they take it at intervals to keep themselves going. A warm cup of black coffee after you wake up may help in reducing a bit of that chubbiness you may have started to gain because of staying indoors.  

10. Plants

Plants add life to your otherwise industrial, boring and monotonous desk space. You can add succulents and small indoor plants to liven up the space. This will keep the oxygen levels in your room perfect and remove toxins and pollutants from air. Many plants boost mood levels, enhance creativity and help you relax in what may be a strenuous work task. 

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