June 30, 2021 6 min read

Using regular lighters can be tedious.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Soon enough they run out of fuel and you either have to refill them or if they are cheap you end up buying more.

And then you have a collection of empty lighters that will eventually end up in a landfill.

So what is the alternative? Electric Plasma lighters.

These are not exactly brand new but a lot of people are still unaware of the existence of a much better viable alternative. Here are 10 reasons why you should seriously consider switching to an electric plasma lighter.

1. How Does a Flameless Lighter Work?

While regular lighters run on lighter fluid and need to be either refilled or tossed out once the fluid finishes, electric plasma lighters present a much longer-lasting and user-friendly alternative. Since these lighters are electric, they are flameless but be careful because that does not mean you can’t get burned. You do not see a flame because these lighters do not use fuel but rather work on a high-voltage electric current. Instead there is an arc of highly charged plasma which can generate heat of around 1100 degrees. This heat lights your objects.

Think of plasma lighters as carrying mini lightning rod in your pocket since they work on the same principles. When there is an excess of electric charge within clouds after a certain point it can move through the air. The bright bolt of lightning that you see during thunderstorms is essentially the movement of these charged particles jumping between clouds or down towards land. Explains how plasma can create heat of around 1100 degrees, does it not? 

2. There is No Smell with Plasma Lighters

The smell of regular lighters comes from the burning of the fuel but in electric plasma lighters since there is no fuel being burnt, your lighter will not lead to any odor of itself. Nor will it leave any residual charring or smoke stains/rings on wood, glass and most other surfaces.

So if you want one to light candles in a glass container you can rest assured they will look as clean and aesthetically pleasing as when you bought them. You will not have to worry about those hard to remove pesky black stains. And no lingering odor from using the lighter!

3. Rechargeable Lighters are More Environmentally Friendly!

One of the best things about these lighters is that they are rechargeable! They are much more long-lasting than regular lighters which have to be frequently refilled or, in the case of the cheaper ones, thrown out after the fluid finishes.

Once you get your rechargeable electric lighter it will last you a very long time. Long enough to get attached and have it become an integral part of memories so if you know a friend who uses lighters an electric plasma lighter would make a perfect gift for them. All it takes is just around 1 hour to recharge an electric plasma lighter and it lasts for approximately 100 lights before needing to be charged again. Unlike regular lighters, these lighters are also environmentally-friendly and can be recycled once they reach the end of their lives. 

You can also reduce your waste by extending the life or flip top lighters, like your favorite zippo, by adding a plasma lighter insert. Yet another way to reduce your environmental impact with a plasma lighter!

4. Plasma Lighters are Windproof

Have you ever found yourself outdoors, in a windy place, trying to light your cigarette only to have the flame immediately die? And when you flick the ignition wheel again and try to protect the flame with a cupped hand, it still flickers and dies before you can get your cigarette lit?

Say goodbye to blisters on your finger from flicking your regular Bic lighters!

Our fourth point might just have convinced you that an electric plasma lighter is worth it just because of it’s windproof quality. But wait till you read the six more reasons we have for you coming up. You will doubtless agree that electric plasma lighters are superior than regular lighters.

5. Plasma Lighters Can Light In Any Direction

Not only is it windproof, an electric plasma lighter can work in any direction, even upside down since the plasma arc does not point upwards. No more will you have incidents of accidentally burning yourself! 

6. No More Worrying About Refilling Your Lighter

Because an electric plasma lighter lasts longer and is rechargeable you absolutely never have to worry about refills again.

No longer do you have to keep flammable aerosol cans of butane at home or risk the safety hazards that come with it. All you need is an electric power source.

No need to refill your lighter and no need to purchase more butane cans. This is particularly beneficial because butane is a harmful gas. It is clearly flammable but since it is a gas it can escape easily making you vulnerable to health and safety hazards. Butane can cause cardiac arrhythmias or even cardiac arrests. It can also cause toxicity in the brain directly. It can also cause damage to kidneys and livers. Avoid Butane all together by switching to an electric plasma lighter.

7. Electric is Safer Than Regular Lighters

Electric plasma lighters usually have a built in safety feature. This means your lighter will not start up even if it moves around in your pocket.

Along with this, a plasma arc is much easier to control than an open flame for the same reason that it can be used in 360 degrees direction. Plasma Lighters are highly precise and hence minimizes the chances of lighting anything accidentally with a flickering flame.

8. Not So Heavy On The Wallet

Of course if you compare this to one disposable lighter, it is going to look expensive but think of the combined cost of all the disposable lighters you would use in the entire lifetime of one electric plasma lighter.

It is a lot less.

And really a few extra bucks to do your part in sustainability and reducing waste is next to nothing. Electric plasma lighters present both a more economic and environmentally friendly option. If you want to put a number on it then around $15 for a good quality basic electric plasma lighter is what you are looking at.

9. Charge Anywhere With Ease

All these lighters require to be recharged is just a 1.5W (5V,0.3A) USB cable.

You can attach your plasma lighter directly in a socket and be done with it. If you need to recharge your lighter on the go you can use a power bank or even the charging port in your car. If your phone uses a micro usb charging cable chances are you can use the same cable for your lighter. This saves you from the trouble of carrying and detangling a mess of cables.

10. Your Trusty Friend In The Wilderness

Tools can make our journeys easier and, by doing so, allow us to appreciate other things more like the beauty of nature when you are camping in the forest or hiking up a mountain.

How can an electric plasma lighter help? Some of these plasma lighters are designed to not need any sort of adjustments if being used at a higher altitude. To burn fuel there is a need for oxygen and using regular lighters on your trip high up can be frustrating as there is less oxygen in the air.

Electric lighters work on charge; they don’t need oxygen. What’s more, a lot of these electric plasma lighters come with a built in flashlight or similar features that can reduce the amount of gadgets you need to carry on your next camping trip. 

Final Thought

Electric plasma lighters are the future. They are safer, sustainable, more economic in the long run, produce less waste, and are a lot more precise than regular flame producing lighters.

Given the sleek and sophisticated designs of most of the lighters, they double as an eye-catching and aesthetic pocket accessory. They are also perfect for making a good impression or giving as gifts.

If you are considering gifting an electric lighter, we suggest getting the single arc for cigarettes, double arc for cigars and a cylindrical one for pipes. Just do not use them with metal as that can shock you.

These lighters are also very easy to maintain. You can just clean them with some rubbing alcohol and these will be sure to last you a long time without any complaints.

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