PowerPot 10 Funds on Kickstarter

January 15, 2014

We've done it again. Our third Kickstarter campaign sought to fund the development and production of our new high-powered PowerPot, the PowerPot 10. Back in April 2012, we funded the smaller version of the PowerPot by more than doubling our $50,000 funding goal. This time around, we only needed $30,000 to comfortably spin up this new product. This is because we already have company infrastructure--a fully-equipped shop, most of the necessary tools, trained PowerPot builders, and an executive team to run our company. To expand our product lineup, we just needed to fund the inventory purchases, and buy a couple of new, super-awesome tools! Like seriously, super awesome, see the pics below.

Bigger Is Better

This version of the PowerPot X is bigger, faster, smarter and stronger. It runs a 40-yard dash faster than Usain Bolt, files your taxes AND cooks your noodles. OK, admittedly that's exaggerating... it actually just cooks your food, charges tablets at max speed and powers two devices at once. Our campaign was met with positive reactions across the board. We hit our $30k funding goal in two days, and would go on to more than double our initial goal.

Interested in the PowerPot 10? 

You can still pre-order a unit at our regular retail price. Your pre-order will be bundled in with Kickstarter fulfillment, meaning your PowerPot 10 will ship in May 2015. Get the latest in thermoelectric technology and show off your swag to impress the in-laws, your spouse or the neighbor kids. 

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