Free Smartphone Apps for Outdoor Safety

March 10, 2014

Using a smartphone in the great outdoors might seem backwards to some, but at Power Practical we believe in using technology to enhance your outdoor experience rather than distract you from it. With that in mind, we asked around the office and came up with three free iPhone and Android apps that will help keep you safe on your next outdoor adventure.


Knot Guide – iOS and Android, Free

Free Smartphone Outdoor Safety App Iphone Android Knots Guide

Whether you’re pitching a tent or scaling a rock face – you’ll probably need to tie a few knots while camping or hiking.  If you’re like me you might need a reminder about which knot to use in which situation.  The Knot Guide app is a great way to make sure that knot you just tied isn’t going to slip when you’re hanging off the side of a mountain.


First Aid by American Red Cross – iOS and Android, Free

Free Outdoor Safety Smartphone App Iphone Red Cross First Aid

On the off chance that someone gets hurt while you’re off the grid it’s helpful to have a resource to treat minor injuries to get you back on the trail.  The First Aid app by the American Red Cross gives step-by-step instructions to treat burns and cuts, and can also help you diagnose more serious problems like heat stroke or a concussion.


SAS Survival Guide (Lite) – iOS and Android, Free

Outdoor Safety App Android Iphone SAS Survival Guide Lite

Written by a former member of the SAS (Special Air Service) this app can help you get out of nearly any sticky situation.   Even if you aren’t in a survival situation, the SAS Survival Guide - Lite app can help you find your inner caveman with step-by-step instructions on how to start a campfire without matches.  


One more tip: Switching your phone to Airplane mode will help you conserve your battery when you’re off the grid.

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