PowerPot, The Subject of University of Houston Student Project

March 19, 2014

The PowerPot was recently the subject of a project by students at the University of Houston for the Sales for Social Impact course taught by Professor Susana Rosas. As a result of their work we have a plan to expand our distribution in developing countries – where access to electricity and affordable lighting is limited. The work of the students was exceptional; they have connected us with some great organizations, and have even met with some of those organizations on our behalf.

Since the early days of the PowerPot we have thought the ability to produce electricity from a cooking pot would be valuable to those without reliable access to an electrical grid – especially those living in rural, underdeveloped counties. Currently, the majority of organizations attempting to address this need are using solar panels, which don’t generate power at night or on cloudy days. We believe the PowerPot could be a valuable source of electricity for those who live in areas where direct sunlight is unreliable (due to frequent clouds, tree cover, or a monsoon season).   

Following up on recommendations made by the University of Houston students is still a work in progress – but we wanted to give a quick shout-out to thank Professor Rosas and her students who did such great work on our behalf.

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