September 28, 2021 4 min read

Do you look around your home and feel like it needs a refresh? Don’t spend hours repainting or tons of money on new furniture: add LED strip lights to brighten your space instantly! Stick on LED lights or also called LED Strip lights are an easy, quick, and creative way to get more color and light into any space. Read on to see where you can use them! 

What can you do with LED light strips?

LED strip lights are so versatile that there is an almost unlimited number of ways you can use them. They’re perfect for creating mood lighting, highlighting focal points, nightlights, and even providing light in an unconventionally shaped space. 

These  strip lights from Power Practical are versatile enough to go almost anywhere and everywhere in your home. 

What is the purpose of mood lighting?

Different colors can affect moods and emotions, and using LED lights is an easy way to modulate them. Warm colors tend to make people feel lively and joyful, while cool colors promote feelings of calm and peace. Altering the ambient color of a room in either direction can dramatically alter the feel of your space.

How do you use LED strip lights in your Home?

Making your LED strip lighting look great is very straightforward. Use them as a backlight, so that the light strip itself is hidden and the light bounces off a wall. If you’re using all white LED lights, you can place them by any color wall to create a beautiful glow. Multicolored lights stand out the best when facing a white or off-white wall. However, you can create unusual and dramatic color combinations when you combine multicolored lights with a colorful wall. 

Since there are so many ways to use them, here are some LED strip lighting ideas for different rooms in your home.

Best Places for LED Strip Lighting in a Bedroom

While a bedroom is primarily a place of sleep, it is also a space of relaxation and getting ready. Highlighting features such as furniture, mirrors, and closets with lights can help make your bedroom more comforting and inviting. 

  • Mirrors - using LED backlighting as stick-on vanity lights gives a soft and even glow, minimizing shadows to make makeup and hair results even better. These  stick-on bias lights are flexible enough to fix on any shape mirror, and come in different sizes. 
  • Beds & cribs - putting a strip of lights under a bed frame helps provide a gentle nightlight, while accenting a headboard provides mood lighting.

Mood Lighting Ideas for your Living Room

A living room is one of the areas we like to spend time in. Setting the right mood for movie night or entertaining is important, and LED lights are perfect for that. There are many places in a living room you can add them, depending on the layout of the room as well as the architecture itself.

  • TV screens - one of the most common places to use LEDs is as a TV backlight. Using a backlight on a screen helps to reduce eye strain, and colored lights can add new dimensions to a movie, show or video game. [tv lights] 
  • Ceiling cornices/alcoves/molding - highlight architectural features of a room with LED light strips placed to provide stunning ambient light.
  • Shelves/cabinets - show off your collections, books, or movies with LED cabinet lighting. 
  • Art/photography - add new depth to your decor with backlights on frames and canvases.

How Do You Light a Kitchen in Style?

If you’re looking for modern kitchen lighting, LED strip lights can give you a subtle but versatile option. They can create an attractive glow but also provide functional lighting options. 

LED Strip light in kitchen

  • Under cabinets - the easiest, and arguably most useful place to put stick on lights in your kitchen would be under the cabinets. They’ll cast a glow for the whole room and also provide task lighting for your countertop. 
  • Inside cabinets - make it easier to search inside cupboards and drawers or illuminate items in glass fronted cabinets.
  • Above cabinets - fill the space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling with the glow of above cabinet lighting.
  • Kick space - use the existing space under your cabinets to illuminate the floor, which doubles as a nightlight for midnight trips to the fridge.
  • Kitchen island - highlight the central feature of your kitchen with LED lighting under the countertop edge, and inside shelves, cupboards, and wine racks.

Make Your Home Office Brighter

Working from home doesn’t have to be dull and dreary. Adding colorful lights to your workspace can enhance your mood and make working from home a more enjoyable experience.

  • Screens- the same as with a TV backlight, a monitor or screen backlight can help decrease eye strain by offsetting brightness and contrast.
  • Desks - adding an LED desk light strip will give an ambient glow for working and gaming.

Improve the Lighting in Your Basement

Basements come in all shapes, sizes, and for many different uses. Depending on your layout, you may want to brighten a functional space for laundry and hobbies, or create a cozy den for movies and video games. Flexible, stick-on light strips can be used on furniture, walls and inside small and unconventional spaces to brighten the mood and provide light in otherwise dark places. These portable and extremely versatile  outdoor light ropes can be used and re-used anywhere and everywhere you need to go.

Illuminate the Stairs

LED strip lighting for stairs

You might think that illuminating stairs is too challenging, but by adding a strip of LED lighting under the handrail or underneath the tread, you can give your stairs a beautiful glow and also add a new level of safety. 

There are many ways to brighten up a space, but adding relatively inexpensive LED strip lighting can improve it instantly. This article only scratches the surface of all the inventive and dramatic ways to beautify your space with lights.

Contributing Writer: Primrose Tricker-ODell