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Whenever you decide to go camping and want to take your dog along, make sure that you read all the necessary details such as tips & advice for camping with dogs in order to learn how to camp with your dog. The ultimate guide to camping with dogs should include details such as camp site necessities for both yourself and your dog. These include food and water supplies, tips for proper lighting, proper clothes for yourself and your dog, first aid kits and survival secrets. This is particularly important if it is the first time you are taking your dog on a camping trip. The campsite will be an entirely different place not just for yourself but for your dog as well. This is because your dog is a domesticated animal and is only familiar with your home till now. You should also make sure that your dog is the right age for such a trip and has also received important vaccinations.

1.Around Hammock

Luminoodles in Camping Ideas

Some dogs will make their human sleep in the same hammock. Luminoodle has special gifts for such dogs and humans; you can use the 5 or 10 ft waterproof Luminoodle light rope or the Luminoodle color rope which is a string of equidistant LEDs and provides an output of 180 and 360 lumens respectively. Hang this above the hammock to enjoy a starry night with your dog while out for camping.

2. Around Your Dog’s Sleeping Place

Dog Sleeping Space Luminoodles

If you are camping with your dog and your dog likes to sleep alone with the lights on, you can choose from among the 5 & 10 ft lengths of Luminoodle light rope or Luminoodle color rope. You canAround your van stick them around your dog’s sleeping place using the magnetic sliders, universal ties or use the pouch to turn the light into a lantern.

3. Around Your Van

With Magnets Luminoodle

If your dog likes to sleep in the backseat of your camper, you can fix the Luminoodle around the interior to lighten up your vehicle.

4. With Magnets

With Magnets Luminoodle

You can use the magnets that come for free with the light and stick the Luminoodle light on the exterior of your vehicle while your dog rests on the ground under the lights.

5. Use Light Under the Counter

under the counter

You can also stick the Luminoodle TV bias under the counter and give it a glowing luminous look. If you decide to set up a temporary counter and cook some barbecue, these lights would surely come in handy and look beautiful as well.

6. Using Bias Light as Base camp

Luminoodle as base camp light

While camping with your dog you can lighten up your campsite by using Luminoodle Pro Bias or White Bias lighting. Hang it between two trees to spread the light evenly around you and your dog. When camping with dogs, adequate lighting of the campsite is one of the secrets to successfully camping with dogs.

7. With Vehicle

with vehicle

Lighten up your vehicle by using Luminoodle bias lighting while you enjoy camping with your dogs.

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