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There are several people in this world who are weirdly obsessed with lights. These people do not only use it because lights are an essential part of a house, but they use them because to give things an aesthetic look.

There are various types of lights; however, this article will focus on the advantages of using LED rope lights.


1. Energy Efficient

These lights are energy efficient and durable as compared to other types of lights. As compared to ordinary bulbs, these lights consume very little energy.  Therefore, they are amongst the best options for commercial and household purposes. Luminoodle light rope is a popular LED rope light which is known to be one of the most energy efficient types of light. People have gradually switched to these lights also because these lights require replacement after a very long time. This saves money, time and energy. It also helps consumers in playing their part towards making the society sustainable and environment friendly.

2. Portable

Various manufacturers are trying multiple new things to make life easier for all of us. Each sector has its own specialty and similarly every sector is trying its best to contribute towards the betterment of the society. Similarly, light manufacturers are playing around new technology and trying to make things easier for us. Unlike traditional bulbs, these LED rope lights are not only energy efficient but they are also portable. This feature helps you carry these lights wherever you want and whenever you like. It is an essential item to carry by those people who are going for camping. These lights illuminate your camps and make your trip a whole lot of fun.

3. Light Weight

LED rope lights are versatile and can be installed anywhere. It is a product that has various benefits and is made to make sure that the needs of the consumers are being met. Along with being portable, these lights are extremely light weight. It is super easy to carry them anywhere you go. These lights are bright enough to illuminate the surroundings and will add an aesthetic look to the overall ambiance as well. It has various magnets and ties which help users to hang them anywhere. Despite their length, these ropes do not get tangled. You can wrap them on the utility loop once you are done using them.

4. Waterproof

Every person in this world is different and similarly each person has different choices. Some people love to use lights for the purpose of decoration. They use these lights for various purposes like weddings, birthday parties and other social events. People who go for camping trips also need some sort of source of light that will keep working despite the weather conditions. Since these lights are waterproof, they will keep working in case it rains. You do not have to worry about any issues since the built-in system of these lights is powerful enough to help you get through with the rain.

5. Multicolor

LED light ropes come in various colors and allow you to change the color according to your mood. Luminoodle color light rope is one of the most used and popular led lights. It comes in 15 various colors. You can change the colors of the light according to your mood and the ambiance. Since these lights are durable, you can use them at various events and set the light according to the theme. For example, for a wedding event you can go for warmer tones, while for a party you can choose some funky colors. Since there are various colors, you have plenty of options to choose from.

6. Wireless Remote

There are various types of LED lights available in the market. All of them have different specifications and fall in different price ranges. Some of these have better features and are more useful than the rest. A few of them come with a wireless remote control. It has in-line button controls which makes your life easier. The remote allows you to control the light without having to move. It lets you change the color of the light and level of brightness according to your mood. There is a color fade mode and multiple brightness settings that you can experience through it as well. 

7. Work With USB

There are multiple advantages of using LED rope lights as they make your life easier. One of the main benefits of using these lights is that they work without electricity. Unlike traditional light bulbs, these lights work with a USB battery pack which makes it convenient for users to use them in case of an emergency. Consumers are required to charge their battery packs that will serve as a source of power for these lights. There have been various instances in life where we have witnessed a massive power cut. In situations like these, LED rope lights will become your savior. 

8. Flexible

An LED rope light is a multi-purpose product that can be used and installed according to the needs of the user. It is flexible enough that it can adjust to the shape of its surroundings. Since these lights are easily coiled, you can fix them anywhere and fulfill your needs. The bulbs used in lights are strong enough so they do not break easily. It is a rare case when you see them breaking. With the flexibility and portability, these lights are easy to carry and install. From your home to camping and even at any forthcoming music festival, these lights are bound to illuminate your nighttime activities.

9. Hang Anywhere

When you read about the features of these lights, you feel as if they are made just according to your needs. These LED lights have so many advantages that once you start using them it gets super difficult to move back to conventional bulbs. Along with being portable, waterproof and energy efficient, these lights are also super convenient to hang anywhere. There are various methods that you can use to hang these lights. You can hang it as a tent light or utilize its magnets and fix it on the hood of your car. You can also coil it up and put it in a nylon bag. It will look like an LED lantern that will add to the ambiance of your camp side.

10. Built-in Magnets

There are various methods of using LED rope lights. Some people prefer to hang it while others like to stick to an object. The built-in magnet technology helps people who do not want to hang the light. It allows them to use the magnet and stick the light to the side of their car. Even though the purpose is to illuminate the surroundings, having different methods makes it user-friendly. You can magnet it at the side and plan a wonderful barbeque night at your campsite location. The Luminoodle Basecamp 12 V is perfect for this purpose. It has a 12V car adapter and 12V wall adapter as well.

11. Length

These rope lights come in various sizes and have different lengths. Some of these lights are extra bright and extra long. Each of these lights has a different string size and different specifications. Its long string makes it easy for you to hang it anywhere. You can use these lights in your backyards or in your room. It can be tied, strapped or hooked at your chosen location. These lights are used not only for household purposes but people use it for commercial use as well. Since it is easy to carry and install, people are more comfortable in using them as compared to the conventional bulbs.

12. Final Thoughts

LED rope lights are winning in this specific field as it uniformly illuminates your surroundings. They can be used for various purposes. These lights usually have a long string which allows users to hang it or strap it according to their preference. You can coil these lights back on the utility loop after you have used them.

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