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We all know of lighters as those compact, useful tools that help us in a number of tasks, be it lighting a candle, cigarette, stove or a piece of paper. Lately, however, a new type of lighter is gaining traction — the plasma lighter, also known as electric lighter, electronic lighter or arc lighter.

This handy lighter is taking over the market as investors are realizing the potential of this product and people are understanding the innumerable benefits it comes with. Before we get into all of that, let’s find out what a plasma lighter really is and how it operates.

What Are Plasma Lighters?

As the name implies, plasma lighters use plasma to generate heat and light an object. There are four states of matter in the universe: solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

Unlike in solids, liquids and gases, the electrons in plasma can be stripped from their atoms under certain temperature conditions, which leads to the creation of an ionized gas. This gas is an excellent electrical conductor, which is the reason why plasma is used in these lighters. A high-voltage electric current is passed between two nodes, creating an arc of charged plasma that generates heat which can be used to light any object you need to.

There are two types of plasma lighters currently available in the market: single arc and double arc.

What's the difference between a single arc and double arc plasma lighter?

Although they fundamentally operate in the same way, there are vast differences between the two in terms of their size, shape and color. Both lighters work perfectly well but a double arc lighter is fancier while a single arc lighter tends to last longer.

Of course, it depends on personal preferences entirely as to which one you choose to get. You might need to try a few models to figure out which one suits you best but it is all well worth the effort!

Benefits of Carrying a Plasma Lighter With You

The rapidly rising popularity of plasma lighters is testament to the fact that they have many benefits over regular fuel based lighters. From all these many innumerable benefits, we have picked out the best few to help you understand why this small tool has made such a big impact.

1. Plasma Lighters Are Rechargeable

All plasma lighters are rechargeable as they do not require fluid like regular lighters but come with a USB port instead. All you have to do is plug in a cable and connect it to a port or your laptop and wait for an hour or two for it to get charged up. If you had a regular lighter, you would have had to go and get it filled up every time it ran out of fluid. So plasma lighters can be incredibly convenient.

This is especially true when you are traveling and do not have access to the store you visit to get your lighter filled up. Plasma lighters can even be charged using a car battery charger. Some even have a battery indicator to let you know when the lighter is about to run out of battery so that you are always prepared!

Additionally, plasma lighters alleviate the difficulty of refilling a fuel based lighter. If you have ever refilled your fuel based lighter yourself, you know how arduous the task can be. You need to purchase specific lighter fluid and certain containers that you can use for the process. It also requires a considerable amount of precision and concentration because, if your hand slips and the fluid falls, it poses a fire hazard.

In comparison, the convenience of ‘filling up’ a plasma lighter makes it seem too good to be true, since all you really need to do is connect your cable and wait. It requires no hard work on your part and you definitely will not need to buy any special equipment or visit any stores.

Clearly, the process of recharging a plasma lighter will make your life much easier than it would be if you retained that dusty old fuel based lighter. These handy lighters allow you to save yourself a lot of hassle and stay on top of everything.

2. Plasma Lighters Are Safer

Regular lighters are generally fuel based which means that they use highly flammable fuels, such as butane, propane and methane to create a flame. Often, regular lighters can break or the fluid inside them can leak, which can be very hazardous as it can result in a fire. It is for this very reason that fuel based lighters are not allowed on airplanes as the risk is too great.

Therefore, you will not be able to take your fuel based lighter with you if you are planning to travel anywhere by air. On the other hand, as we have already established, plasma lighters do not require any fuel but depend on the conductive properties of plasma to generate heat. It would follow that since they contain no fuel, they pose no fire hazard. Therefore, they are much safer to use, especially if you are scared that your lighter could fall into the hands of children.

3. Plasma Lighters Are Eco-friendly

With global warming becoming worse by the day, it is time that everyone starts taking climate change seriously.

Every human being needs to step up and accept their part in creating this climate crisis and assume responsibility for solving it. Every day, we take many actions, unintentionally or intentionally, that help in contributing to global warming and one of those actions is merely the use of a fuel based lighter.

Every year, an estimated 2 billion fuel based lighters are dumped in landfills where they slowly decompose to release toxic gases that are harmful to the environment. This can even result in the starting of fires!

Additionally, when you press the ignition of a fuel based lighter, the flame causes harmful emissions to be released into the air. This is not a problem with plasma lighters as they release no emissions. In order to decrease your carbon footprint and play your role in alleviating the climate crisis, it is essential that you make the switch from fuel based lighters to plasma lighters.

The world will thank you for it.

4. Plasma Lighters Are Lighter on the Wallet

Purchasing a plasma lighter will undoubtedly be lighter on your wallet.

With regular fuel based lighters, you will either have to throw them away if they are of the temporary kind or need to refill the lighter with fluid once the fluid runs out (which might even require an additional trip to the nearest store). Either way, you will have to continue paying money even after the purchase of the lighter. This is an especially big issue if you are a heavy smoker or you use the lighter often for tasks around the house. 

On the other hand, a plasma lighter is a one-time expense and will be much lighter on your wallet. Since it is rechargeable, all you will need to do once it runs out of battery is plug in a cable and keep using it! Once charged, the plasma lighter will work for days.

Although you may need to pay more upfront when buying a plasma lighter, the costs over the long term are much lower when compared to a regular fuel based lighter. If you want to make the smarter, more economical choice, you should definitely go for a plasma lighter.

5. Plasma Lighters Have No Smell

If you are a regular smoker or you use a lighter often, you will likely be familiar with that horrible, noxious smell of fuel that accompanies them with every use. This can be a problem if you are averse to the smell of fuel, as many people are.

Many smokers also hate the smell left by fuel based lighters on their cigarettes and have valiantly attempted to find ways to eliminate it. For many people, it can even ruin the experience of having a cigarette. There is one simple solution to all this: plasma lighters.

Due to the fact that they rely on electrical conduction, plasma lighters have no odor and will not bother you in the slightest while you use them! The only smell that could abound while you use them could be from the material being burned. Otherwise, the experience will be much smoother than using a regular fuel based lighter.

6. Plasma Lighters Are Harder to Lose or Break

Everyone who has ever used a fuel based lighter before knows how easy it is to break them or lose them. By simply dropping them on the floor, they might crack and the fluid inside them could leak out, which would not just require you to buy another lighter but also poses a fire hazard. Additionally, it is very easy to lose them due to their small size and you often have to purchase another lighter simply because you lost the last one.

Plasma lighters, on the other hand, are built to be far more durable, so even if they fall, they are far less likely to break and cause fluid to leak all over the floor. Additionally, they are bigger in size than regular lighter which makes them harder to lose.

Regardless, they are still lightweight and easy to carry around, making them the best of both worlds. If you are traveling, it makes far more sense to simply purchase a plasma lighter and have no fear of it breaking rather than buying a regular fuel based lighter only to accidentally break or lose it. 

7. Plasma Lighters Are Windproof

Every smoker who is familiar with the struggle of lighting a cigarette in the wind knows how important plasma lighters can be in this respect. Heavy winds can easily snuff out the flame from a regular fuel based lighter and make it an absolute struggle to light whatever it is you are trying to light. Often, many people even give up, opting to wait the wind out.

However, if you simply go for a plasma lighter instead, you will face no such problem as there will be no flame to begin with and you can light whatever you need, wherever you are! If you plan to travel to a windy location for a camping trip, it will come in handy to carry a plasma lighter with you as you will always be able to light what you need to without any worries.

Overall, plasma lighters are an incredibly handy tool and well worth the investment, especially if you live in or plan to travel to a windy place. They will serve you much better than a regular fuel based lighter.

8. Plasma Lighters Are Splash-Proof

Many plasma lighters are also splash-free, which means that they can be used during the rain or if you accidentally get them wet. This is certainly not the case when it comes to regular fuel based lighters, which can be rendered virtually useless during the rain. Fuel based lighters will not work if you try to use them in the rain and they will take a long time after to completely dry out. Therefore, you will be unable to use them in that time as well.

To avoid all this hassle and ensure that you are able to light anything no matter what the weather conditions are like, it makes sense to simply purchase a plasma lighter which is much more versatile than the regular old lighter and will be a far more trustworthy companion to you.

Imagine standing out in the rain and craving a cigarette but being unable to have it simply because your lighter won’t work. To avoid getting into such compromising situations, all you have to do is buy the plasma lighter you like best.

9. Plasma Lighters Come in Many Different Options

As we have already established, plasma lighters come in two options, single arc and double arc. However, due to the rising interest in plasma lighters, many companies have come up with many different kinds of lighters and today, there is a vast variety of plasma lighters.

Although they are all fundamentally the same, each plasma lighter differs from the next in terms of functionality, appearance and convenience of use. There are specific options for those who need to purchase plasma lighters for traveling or the outdoors. There are options for those who are traditional smokers and are used to the old ways.

Essentially, there is an option out there for every kind of person, which makes your choice much easier!

The growing competition has even propelled brands to offer sales to entice customers to their stores. There are even many accessories that are available to purchase for plasma lighters, which shows how rapidly the industry has grown despite the fact that plasma lighters are a relatively recent innovation.

Before making your final purchase, be sure to check out the list of features so that you can be certain that the lighter is well-suited to your needs.

10. Plasma Lighters Last Much Longer

If you use a regular fuel based lighter moderately, it can last you up to 2 to 4 weeks without needing to be filled again. That’s only one hour of continuous use! On the other hand a plasma lighter can be used an estimated 200 to 400 times before it will need to be charged again. Even then, you will only need to charge it for an hour or so before it is ready to be used again whereas, with a regular lighter, you would need to visit a store to get it filled up again.

Additionally, a regular fuel based lighter can lose fuel content while it is not being used due to the effects of evaporation, meaning that it could run out a lot sooner than you think.

This means more trips to the store, more money to waste and overall a lot more hassle and inconvenience for you. If you simply choose to get a plasma lighter instead, you can avoid all of this as it retains its battery while it is resting and so will not be a problem.

Final Thoughts on Plasma Lighters

Every once in a while, there comes a product in the market that is clearly superior to older products and manages to singlehandedly revolutionize the industry in the blink of an eye.

Plasma lighters are one such product that have managed to grab the spotlight in the lighter industry and have been quickly propelled to the top. A lighter is one accessory that everyone could benefit from.

If you have to make the purchase, why not go for an option that is cheaper, more convenient and far more trustworthy than the other options out there? Not only will it make your life easier, but it will also be an asset to the planet.

Of course, before making your final purchase, make sure to check out different brands and what they offer so you can make an informed decision and choose the lighter that you think is best for you. Many lighters in the market come with many different features, so you should be aware of what exactly you expect from your lighter. Then, all you have to do is sit back and let the lighter make your life easier for you!

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