December 16, 2020 5 min read

You will always find some things that are common in the inventory of a traveler, a survivalist, a camper, a smoker and even a BBQ enthusiast. One of these things is a lighter. Lighters help you build a fire when you are cold, cook food when you are hungry and can also be used as a source of light in troubled times. Fuel based lighters that use butane, methane, propane and other inflammable liquids or gases have been around for quite some time and have now become a common carrying item. However, they have many serious issues such as negative effects on environment and energy conservation, risk of fire hazards and the fact that most of them are disposable but very hard to recycle. On the other hand, rechargeable lighters which are basically battery operated are fast becoming the primary choice of lighters due to their ease of use, their long life, their eco-friendly characteristics and the fact that they are very economic as compared to fuel based lighters. They are a better inventory choice for a traveler and a camper. Let’s look at the benefits of travelling with a rechargeable lighter compared to conventional lighters.

1. They are Rechargeable

Rechargeable lighters have a very long life unlike single use lighters. You just need to charge them once before going out and that would be enough for days. They also save a lot of hassle; when your refillable lighter runs out of fuel you would either have to go to a store to get it refilled or keep refilling supplies at home. For rechargeable lighters only a USB cable is required which you can connect to your cellphone charger or your laptop. Some rechargeable lighters come with a battery indicator to alert you before they need recharging. While travelling, all these features can really benefit you and save you from a lot of trouble. Even if they run out of battery during travel, you can use a car mobile battery charger for recharging them.

2. Rechargeable Lighters are Windproof

Every smoker, every camper, every survivalist and every BBQ enthusiast knows the challenge of lighting up when the wind is blowing. The rechargeable lighters overcome this challenge because they are flameless unlike fuel based lighters that provide a flame. Battery lighters produce an electricity powered beam that remains uninterrupted from the wind whereas propane/butane lighters will struggle in adverse weather conditions. This can come in handy during travelling; whether you want to light up your cigarette, build a campfire or throw a campsite BBQ party, rechargeable lighters will make it easier for you to do all of this and much more. They should definitely be a part of a survivalist’s inventory or anyone who is into travelling. Some rechargeable lighters even come with a LED flashlight which can help you in the dark.

3. Rechargeable Lighters are Safer

The fuel based lighters use propane, butane, methane and other highly inflammable liquids for producing fire. They are also prone to breakage and leakage which can result in hazards especially when handled by children or during travelling. It is for this reason that you cannot travel by air with a fuel based lighter in your pockets. That being said, fire and light are necessities especially if you’re travelling. Rechargeable lighters do not have any fuel so there is no question of a fire hazard. They contain no liquid and therefore they are safer and more efficient. However, they should still not get into the hands of children.

4. Positive Effect on Energy Conservation

Rechargeable lighters have a positive effect on energy conservation because they require very little energy to be recharged unlike disposable lighters which use up fuel or refillable gas lighters that require propane or butane for refilling. Research data shows that every year two billion fuel lighters are dumped into landfills. Imagine the amount of fuel that two billion lighters are consuming annually, whereas the only thing a rechargeable lighter needs is a USB cable that can charge your lighter and  it takes up very little energy for doing that. While travelling, especially if you are aiming for the outdoors, you may require loads of fuel based lighters, whereas only one rechargeable lighter will be enough to provide for all your light and fire based needs during camping or trekking. You can even keep a spare one in case of emergency.

5. They Are Not Easily Lost or Broken

Everyone who has a habit of carrying fuel based lighters in their pockets knows very well how easy it is to lose them. They are also prone to breaking and leaking the moment you drop them on the floor. Despite being lightweight and easily storable, rechargeable lighters are built tough and even if they fall on the floor they don’t have any liquid which would leak or cause a mess. While you are travelling, you cannot afford to lose your lighter as it is not only going to be a source of light and heat for you but also a source of pleasure for your nicotine and food cravings. Therefore, rechargeable lighters are a way better choice than fuel based lighters while travelling.

6. They are Environment friendly

Global warming and climatic change are not hoaxes. The hazardous incidents worldwide in the last ten years have proven both these threats to be real. Remember, it is not just one big irresponsible act that has caused global warming and further worsening it, it is a collection of small acts by a large group of people that is affecting our environment. In case of the fuel based lighters, you may wonder what damage such a small thing could do to the environment. But consider the impact of 2 billion fuel based lighters dumped every year in landfills. Fuel based lighters are either made of plastic or metal. Both are hard to recycle and most of the plastics are not biodegradable. Dumped under soil, over a period of years, they will not only emit harmful gases but may also result in causing widespread fire. The world has witnessed more accidental fires in the last five years than ever before. Some of them have even been attributed to burnt matches thrown in the wild by people unintentionally and some have been attributed to irresponsible tourists. Wherever you travel, you should always behave as a responsible citizen of the world and replace your fuel based lighters with rechargeable lighters as they are not only environment friendly but also conserve energy as they require no fuel.

7. Less Costly

The fuel based lighters have a very short life. If it is a disposable one that you are using, then you will replace it with a new one when it runs out of fuel. If you are using a refillable one you will have to refill it every now and then. Rechargeable lighters once fully charged will continue servicing you for days before they need to be charged again. When they run out of power, all you need to do is plug in a USB cable and charge them again.

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