January 05, 2022 5 min read

What is the most popular under cabinet lighting?? The answer, LED lighting.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of the kitchen. A proper under cabinet lighting can make your kitchen concurrently practical and more beautiful. Besides helping you see what you are cutting or stirring, it also defines the special flair and feels of the kitchen. Further, it offers bright task lighting exactly where you need it,adding lighting that helps with food prepping and finish to the entire room. This article on the best under cabinet lighting ideas is designed to help you decide on the right one to light up your kitchen space.

Here, you will learn about some under cabinet lighting ideas and things to look for when considering an under cabinet light.

Is lighting under kitchen cabinets worth it? Yes! It saves money 

Top Best Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas

A kitchen is a place that gets the most attention in a house. Thus, there has to be a bunch of light suitable for the diverse operation of the space. Finding the perfect combination of light could seem intimidating, be it direct light for chores,ambient light for pleasure, or decorations for daily living and style. Here are the top best under cabinet lighting ideas for your reference.

High Tech

There are many excellent ways to bring technology into the kitchen without disordering the counters. One of them is using an under cabinet lighting technique with device brackets and vents. Functional and modern, this arrangement adds the necessary task beam to your counters. Also, it provides you with a comfortable scene to place your equipment while following a recipe.

Keep It Cool

A murky cool-colored backsplash with shining white closets helps keep your kitchen cool. Also, it is a striking modern choice for your space. Ensure that it is not too dark by setting up an under cabinet lighting aimed at illuminating the backsplash in many areas with soft diffused light.

Open Up

An under cabinet lighting mounted beneath an open shelf helps separate the counter from the rack. Also, the proper design of under cabinet lighting adds to the scene and flair of the kitchen. Besides, it offers a smooth flow of light with no shadows.


Under-cabinet lighting, illuminated with a grey cabinet and dark counters, looks modern and classic. Under-cabinet lighting adds warmth by aspirating earthly timbre in the backsplash and designing. Incorporate a refined design to give a flat measure of brightness along the whole length of the counter.

Simple Yet Contemporary

Milky walls and under cabinet seated lighting help a gray kitchen feel alluring and comfortable. Cozy touches such as showcasing fruit in decorative vessels and arrangement of fresh flowers will both make the kitchen a center of attraction.

Modern Monochromatic

A homely and diffuse under cabinet lighting helps keep an all-white kitchen from appearing bleak. Incorporate complementary delicate pendants over an island to add significance by applying light sources to support the contemporary boring artistic.

Standard Combinations

Both black and white are a standard blend of kitchens. Accentuate the disparities by lighting the white exteriors with decorations and under cabinet lighting. Dimmable kitchen under cabinet light enables you to modify the humor in the kitchen and is also perfect for oblique lighting at night.

Popular Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Lighting

LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is the most popular type of under cabinet lighting. That's because it's energy-efficient, long-lasting, and has low heat output. Meanwhile, it has become more common in homes as incandescent lamps are gradually losing their brightness for some time now.

Even though LED is the most costlier among the four types, it outlasts its category by twice or thrice a time and generates less heat. Due to its numerous benefits, LED lighting is the most preferred of consumers.

Fluorescent Lighting

CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) produces less heat and is energy efficient. But, it has some ill-favored issues. Modern fluorescent bulbs do not hum, flicker, or waste time to come on after flipping the switch. And that is one good reason that makes them perfect for under cabinet lights.

Also, it uses both phosphor coating and mercury vapor to convert UV light to visible light. As such, you cannot trash them after usage – they must be disposed of according to Environmental Protection Agency Guidelines.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen light contains inert gas being halogen inside the bulb. It produces more heat than LED and fluorescent lighting and is less energy efficient. Halogen light is very bright with vivid color, and they can provide adequate lighting at an average cost. Thus, it's perfect for homeowners who need shiny and warm lighting.  

Xenon Lighting

Xenon light produces clear white light and is cooler to touch than halogen bulbs. Also, it is energy efficient and lasts 2-3 times longer. LED lights are better than halogen and xenon lights in every group except cost. But, xenon bulbs are the next option for brightness and lifespan.

Under Cabinet LED Lighting

What to Consider When Buying an Under Cabinet Lighting

Before purchasing the best under cabinet lighting for your kitchen, keep these crucial features in mind.


Hard-wire and simple plug-in are the two basic types of wiring used for under cabinet lighting. Plug-in lighting is less expensive and simpler for you to install yourself. So, this is one of the kitchens under cabinet lighting ideas you should consider.


The voltage of under cabinet lighting ideas is divided into three main types. There is battery lighting, low-voltage (12V or 24V) lighting, and line-voltage (120V) lighting. Line voltage is wired directly into your house's electrical system, and low voltage can be connected directly into the house by installing a transformer. Thus, this will help reduce the voltage from your home down to the needed 24V or 12V.

Battery-powered lighting needs no transformer because it doesn't depend on the home's electrical system.

Dimming Capability

Getting lighting with a dimming capability is highly recommended. Though it implies bringing additional costs for the dimmers, it offers you much more dominance over the dimmers.

Ease of Installation

If you want to do some DIY installation, consider the ease of installing a specific type of under cabinet lighting. Ropes and LED strips are easy to install, but puck lights could be a little bit challenging.

Instead of hard-wiring, opt for simple plug-in or battery-powered lights.

Energy Efficiency and Heat Output

Energy efficiency and heat output are crucial parts of residential lighting, and LED lighting is the most energy-efficient under cabinet lighting. Xenon lights are less energy efficient, but they are preferable to power-gorging incandescent lights.

Fluorescent and halogen lighting is another excellent option for energy-efficient under cabinet lighting. Fluorescent lighting produces almost no heat and is energy efficient.

LED and fluorescent lighting are cool to touch, while xenon lighting is hot. But, halogen lighting is usually regarded as the most ardent, but it is better than traditional incandescent bulbs.


Under-cabinet lighting is crucial for meeting the lighting needs of people and the style it gives a room. With tremendous advances in lighting technology over the past years, homeowners have great options to consider for kitchen under cabinet lights. We hope that this guide on the best under cabinet lighting ideas will help you.