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Like dark matter, plasma is considered to be one those elements regarding which we know very little. Fortunately, despite not knowing everything about plasma, human beings have been partially successful to put it to good use. One such plasma based innovation are the plasma lighters. They are way better than conventional lighters. 

Plasma lighters don’t use any gas or liquid fuel for creating fire and don’t give a flame or smoke. The plasma lighters use a high voltage current and create an arc of plasma that is highly charged. As a result, heat energy is created which can be used for lighting up a cigarette, stoves, wood and even fire up your BBQ grill. They are windproof and eco-friendly. 

Tips for Plasma Lighters Uses

1. Easily Recycled and Eco-friendly

Every year, 2 billion fuel based lighters are discarded by dumping them in a landfill. The materials they are mostly made up of are not easily recycled and some plastics are biodegradable which means that apart from the damage they do to the environment they also carry the risk of a fire hazard. Unlike conventional fuel based lighters, plasma lighters are not disposable and do not need to be discarded in a landfill. As they are electrical lighters, they can be charged by using a simple USB cable which you can attach to a charger or your laptop. 

2. Cost-efficient

Despite being higher in price than the fuel based lighters they are more cost efficient because they do not need to be refilled with fossil fuel such as butane, methane or propane, etc. A single time charging would be enough for days. They should be a part of every survivalist, traveler and BBQ enthusiast’s inventory. 

3. Useful Kitchen Accessory

They are also a must have kitchen accessory. They are available in the shape of cigarette lighters as well as stove lighters, so you do not have to use traditional matchsticks which are not as convenient. Some plasma lighters come with additional features, such as a mini flashlight. Plasma lighters offer a lot more than conventional lighters and are here to replace them. In fact we should all do our part as responsible citizens and consider the benefits of using plasma lighters compared to the negative effects of fuel based lighters which have been mentioned above. 

Caring for plasma lighters and handling them properly will make sure that they have a long life and you don’t have to buy a new one that often.  Let us look at the numerous ways in which you can improve the life of your Plasma lighter.

4. Charge Properly and Avoid Over-charging

Plasma lighters are rechargeable flameless lighters. You can charge them with a USB cable and one time charging will last pretty long. Most units require charging of 2 hours when they are completely out of battery. You don’t really have to wait for your lighter to completely run out of battery before you recharge it, in fact you should charge your plasma lighter when 20 to 30% battery still remains. Overcharging your plasma lighter will reduce the life of your batteries. To avoid this, you should disconnect the charger when the indicator shows that it has been fully charged. If you let the charging plug remain connected even after the batteries have been fully charged, there is a chance that the battery might become non operable. You should under no condition let the charger remain plugged more than three hours after the battery has been fully charged.

5. Proper Cleaning Increases the Life of a Plasma Charger

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”. The more regularly you clean your plasma lighter, the longer its life will be.  The most important part of the plasma lighter are the electrodes because they are the part that work the most and produce the flame. When you have used the lighter for some time, you may start noticing some kind of buildup on the electrodes. This is a result of debris caused by the flame and ash, a higher deposit of these two can damage the electrode and affect the lighter’s operation. To effectively clean the electrodes what you need is alcohol or ethanol and a cue tip. Just soak the cue tip in alcohol and gently rub the prongs with it in order to get rid of tar, ash, tar and debris deposits. Before you use it again make sure that the alcohol has dried. Proper cleaning and care will ensure that your plasma charger stays in the perfect condition. Don’t forget to turn off the lighter before cleaning it.

6. Protect the Plasma Lighter from High Temperature 

The plasma lighter should be protected from being exposed to high temperatures as this can cause serious heat damage. You should never throw it in fire as this can cause a serious hazard.

7. Prevent Prolonged Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Although limited exposure to sunlight will not affect the plasma lighter but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. Do not keep your plasma lighter exposed to direct sunlight for long.

8. Store it Responsibly 

When it is not in use, or you are not carrying it, store it in a dry place where it will not be exposed to high temperature, water or moisture. While carrying it, make sure that you do not keep it in the same pocket as your cell phones or other devices.

9. Use it Responsibly

Do not hold down the lighter button for long unnecessarily, otherwise this can have a negative effect on the battery’s longevity. When using it, keep it away from your clothes, face and body. Never place the plasma lighter in your mouth.

10. Keep it Away from Flammable Liquids

Never expose the plasma lighter to flammable liquids. The lighter produces a high power plasma beam, any close contact with flammable liquid may result in a fire hazard. Also, never submerge the plasma lighter in water or any other liquid, especially chemicals.

11. Keep Away From Children

Plasma lighters are not toys. Don’t let it get into the hands of children or allow them to play with it. This is important for your child’s safety and also to prevent any damage the child may cause to the plasma lighter. Most of these lighters come with a lock for child safety. Always keep this lock activated to prevent any accidents. You can deactivate or activate this lock by pressing the bottom of the lighter thrice, this will make the indications (red and blue) indicators flash thrice respectively.

12. Keep Away from Pets

It is a common thing for pets to swallow stuff or run around with something in their mouth. Every year thousands of pets are brought to vets because of complications resulting from swallowing hazardous stuff. This can even result in the death of your beloved pet. Keep your plasma lighters away from your pets in order to protect them both.

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