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Colorful and beautiful lighting can make your home look astounding. It can even raise the value of your house, not just in the eyes of your neighbors but also real estate agents.  The world of lighting has seen amazing innovations in the last few years. From dangling fairy lights to indoor spot lights and from exotic chandeliers to USB powered lights, there is so much to choose from for both the interior and exterior of your house. But one innovation that has changed the way you can use lights is the rope light. As the name suggests, it is a string or rope with a number of lights on them. They are available in a wide variety of color, size and type. They can be used as lighting under the cabinets and shelves, wardrobe, kitchen, TV Room, on your study table and almost anywhere you want. Many of them are powered by rechargeable batteries that can be charged by simply using a USB. The USB can be connected directly to a charger or to your laptop. You can easily fix them and uninstall them, pack them in your bag and take them along to a camping trip. 

Rope light is also becoming a preferred choice for outdoor lighting instead of standard lighting. This is because not only are they cost efficient but also available in water proof and weather resistant varieties. Landscape projects in your backyard can really benefit from rope lights. You can use them for highlighting contours and edges. You can also light up your pathways, illuminate your decks and make your patios glow. It is very simple to install them and they mostly use LED lights that save energy and cost. Improving the overall ambience of your backyard can also have positive psychological effects on you and your family. Below we present to you numerous ideas for using rope lights in your backyard but don’t let us limit your own imagination as rope lights are so unbelievably versatile that you can use them in countless ways.

1. Landscape

If you are fond of gardening and have a rich backyard which is full of plants and trees, you can give them an entirely different look by using rope lights and bring your garden to life even during the night. Illuminate your trees by wrapping a rope light in a spiral pattern around the tree trunk and even branches to make it look even more beautiful. Twist and turn the light rope and hang it down from your tree. Using different colors in this layout would enhance the look of your backyard. On special occasions you can even convert an entire tree to a tree of light. You can hang them between two trees in a way that they look like a roof. You can use the rope light on your rockery and around your fountain. Before you decide to decorate your landscape with rope lights take a good look around your backyard for different ideas. Since you would be designing with rope lights, it would be better if you do this when it is a little dark.

2. Walkway

You can illuminate your entire walkway in your backyard by using rope lights on both sides of your walkway. Rope lights are available in many sizes and you can also cut them easily according to the measurements of your walkway. You can hold them in place by using hardware accessories so that they stay fixed in their position. You can even use adhesives to stick them on the pavements. Imagine how cool your entire walkway would look; it would even make your guests feel special.

3. Patio

If you are the type that loves hanging around in your backyard and you live in a sunny area then you definitely have some sort of arrangement for shade in your backyard such as a patio umbrella or pergola. You can transform them into something even more beautiful by sticking the rope light around their outlines. This could be done easily with rope lights that come with an adhesive backing. You can try different colors around the shade and a different one on the pillars. You can also stick rope lights on the inside of the umbrella.

4. Deck

If your house has a deck, you can turn it into a party place with rope lights. You can use a different light on the edges of the deck and a different one on the railing. This can be done easily by using the appropriate hardware mounting. The installation of rope lights is a very simple process and your entire deck will be ready in a matter of a few minutes. Opt for colorful lights to make your deck more appealing and add to the overall ambience of your backyard.

5. Stairs

Your deck is definitely going to have some stairs. Illuminating these stairs will make your deck look even more stylish. You can choose from different colors and intensities. Creating a colorful contrast between your stairs and the deck might just do the trick.

6. Swimming Pool & Ponds

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard you can light the border of the pool using rope lights. Make sure you don’t do that on the inner side of the pool. If you have a fish pond, you can light up its border using rope lights. Be sure to get the waterproof version for both these purposes.

7. Garden Fences

You can give any shape to the rope lights. You can cut them and shape them in stars and other symbols. You can use them to make animals and flowers and stick them to the fence. You can even make a reindeer and light it up on Christmas or use them on your child’s birthday to write “Happy Birthday “.

8. Garden Bed & Hedges

If you have a thing for plants you are going to love this one. Use the light rope to light up the edges of your garden bed. This will give it a clean and luminous look. You can use different colors for different garden beds turning your entire garden into a treat for the eyes. Rope lights can also be used to give a halo effect to your hedges by placing them beneath. Besides, you can use them around the edges of flower pots as well.

9. Backyard Dinner Table

Once you have decorated your entire backyard with loads of affordable and versatile LED rope lights, you can set up a dinner table beneath one of your trees and call your friends and family. Make sure to let some of the rope lights hang above the table

10. Children Outdoor Toys & Activities

If you have children then you might have slides and see-saw in your backyard. You can make outdoor activities more joyful for the kids by fixing the rope light on the edges of the slides and see-saw.

11. Pet Houses

Your dog’s house in your backyard will get a new look if you use rope light to light it up. Use different colors on the roof and wall to make it more colorful and cheer up your dog.

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