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People who have a pet dog or are professional dog walkers know that dogs love to go out on walks. As soon as you tell them that you are taking them for a walk, their excitement reaches to a whole new level. You may think that going out for a walk may be a no-brainer; however, it is not true. There are a few essentials products that you must take along to make your night-time walks comfortable, easy and productive. Some of them are given below:

1. A Fixed Length Leash

Whenever you are talking to your dog for a walk, remember that you should avoid the longest leash as it may lead to problems. It has various safety concerns, for example, the locking mechanism may get jammed and the leash could cause rope burns to the human and the dog, etc.

On the other hand, a four to six feet long leash is more than sufficient for a good night walk. It gives the dog enough space to roam around and it is safer for everybody around. Whenever you take your dog for a walk, there is no connection between the two of you which makes it difficult to control the dog. It is recommended that you allow your dog to walk on a loose leash because a tight one will make him feel that he can move forward.

2. Source Of Light- Luminoodle Color Light Rope

This may not be a very common product but it is certainly essential. The Luminoodle Color Light Rope is a powerful and flexible light string that will make your night-time walk easier and safer. This light is 5 feet long and allows you to customize its level of brightness. During a walk, there are various areas that you have to cross. You can use this feature and brighten the light whenever there is a dark area that you have to cross. The Luminoodle Color Light Rope will also allow you to see the path clearly.

Essentials for Dog Walkers

Apart from this, the flexible light lets you use it in various ways. You can either tie it around your hand or crunch it in a bag and make it look like a lantern. Some people also wrap it around their dogs to make the walks more fun. The light comes with a remote control which lets you operate it from a distance. It has 15 different color options so you can change it every night and make it interesting for your dog.

Other than the luminoodle color light rope, you can also carry an LED flashlight.

3. Treats And Water

There are instances when dogs take time to adjust to the setting of the leash so to make your dog behave in a polite way, take some treats along. You can reward your dog every now and then while you are on a walk. You can do this to tell them that they are doing a good job and it will encourage them to keep up the good work. However, giving rewards at the right time is important.

Along with some treats, you should take along water if you have planned a long walk. Your dog will get thirsty and since he would not be able to tell you, it is your responsibility to make sure he gets the water when it is required. Since you are taking your dog out at night, there are chances that you may not find any stores open in the neighborhood so you should carry all these things with you. It will prevent things from getting out of hands. 

4. Waste Bags

Waste bags are as essential for a walk as a leash is. Some dog owners provide you with waste bags; however, it is recommended that you bring your own as well. These bags will make it convenient for you to clean up after your dog. Some towns fine people who do not pick up after their dog and this will impact your earning negatively. You can also opt for biodegradable bags.

5. Dog Whistle

Having a dogs whistle allows you to have control over certain unforeseen circumstances, especially at night. Since dog walkers usually take dogs for a walk in the neighborhood, there are chances that you may witness surprises, for example, an aggressive dog may start barking at your dog or your dog could get scared by something in the dark. A whistle will help you take control of the situation as the noise will distract your dog and will give you a chance to think with a clear mind. Since you are going for a walk at night, it is recommended that you avoid such circumstances so that you do not disturb other people who leave nearby.

Final Thoughts

Even though every dog walker has some must-have items whenever they are taking their dog for a walk. These are a few essential ones that should be added in the list. Even though dog owners provide various items yet it is recommended that you carry your own things.

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