December 01, 2021 5 min read

- Power Practical Brand Team

Over the past few years, LED decorations have become not only more available, but also delightfully more advanced. While the first LED strips were merely exposed diodes and wire along sticky-backed tape, the latest innovations are beautiful, diffuse, flexible, and oh-so-portable LED rope lights. What can you do with an LED rope light? How can you decorate with this excellently versatile glowing rope? Any way you want.

The great thing about rope lights is they are the cutting-edge of usable LED design. They are sturdy, portable, and beautiful with multiple colors that flow along the strand at the touch of the remote-control button. Let's dive into the many ways to put one or many LED rope lights like the  Luminoodle Colored Light Rope rope to use.

Ways to Use LED Rope Lights

  • Decorating Inside the Home
  • Illumination Anywhere
  • Outdoor Events
  • Camping Lights and Decoration

Light ropes are excellent indoor and outdoor decorations. You can use them coiled up, looped artistically, or use their flexibility to bend around the corners of a room to highlight anything you please. Many people use rope lights to decorate the interior of their home, often along the ceiling and behind or under appliances to enhance the  diffuse reflection of light through the room

Others take their rope lights into the great outdoors. The bright LEDs diffused by the outer rope material ensure that you always have plenty of illumination whether you are camping, tailgating, or decorating for an evening outdoor wedding. With adjustable brightness, they can serve as soft decorative mood lighting or enough clear light to find your keys in the underbrush.

Unique Features of the Luminoodle Colored Rope Light

Not all rope lights are made the same. Some are more indoor, some are more delicate - but not the Luminoodle. What makes the Luminoodle light rope different is that it's designed for ultimate on-the-go outdoor and indoor use. All you need is a USB battery.

  • USB-Powered

    • Most LED strips and light ropes rely on 12V power from the wall. Luminoodle, however, knows you want to take that rope out into the night where it will be the most beautiful, and the most useful. So it's  USB powered, instead. Pop that USB end into any USB battery or power source, and you've got a light rope on the go. Wear it on your shoulders, stick it to your car, or drape it over a tent, no need for a wall socket.
  • Multi-Color RF Remote Control

    • The Luminoodle has 15 color settings and a variety of multi-colored effects that flow from end-to-end of the light rope. You can control your rope light easily with the RF remote, using radio signals so direction and line-of-site don't matter.
  • Magnetic Mounting

    • Then there's where and how you can mount it. Leave thoughts of peeling sticky tape behind, the Luminoodle rope comes with magnetic sliding mounts, meaning you can stick that rope to anything ferrous. You can line your fridge door at home or, even better, illuminate your truck bed for a nice tailgate party.
  • Unusually Flexible

    • Light ropes are still relatively new technology, and many of the "luxe" versions are pretty clear that you can't twist them too much. With a utilitarian design, the Luminoodle is one of the few nice diffuse rope lights that you can twist back on itself without worry. It's just that flexible.
  • Lantern Carry Bag

    • Finally, we know that when you're out camping, sometimes you need a lantern more than a light rope. That's what the nylon carry bag is for. A diffuse "frosted" bag turns your glowing light rope into an easy-to-carry remote control lantern.

How to Use LED Rope Lights for Decoration

Decorating with your LED light rope is as easy as deciding where you want to put it. Rope lights can be mounted anywhere with a sturdy bracket or the right mounting tape - or magnetic sliding mounts. 

Decorating inside the home, focus on outlining the edges and illuminating the back-sides of lines in your home. You can limn the ceiling, the back of your television, a doorway, or turn your rope light into a glowing wall sculpture

Outdoors, decorating with rope lights is far more free-form. Use an LED rope light to define your space outdoors. Line a path, or light up your tent to show other campers where to go. You can wind rope light around poles and branches for a beautiful effect, or create a frame around your grill to see how well-done your steaks are after dark.

Decorating Ideas with Color-Changing LED Rope Lights (Outdoor/Indoor)

Illuminate the Crown Molding

The most popular place to put remote-controlled LED rope lights is along the ceiling. Look up to your crown molding to see the line the rope lights will follow. This is a great way to give your rooms more illumination or drop them into colorful mood-lighting. The flowing patterns of a rope light are especially beautiful when they loop your entire room from above.

Backlight Your Television

Many people create back-lighting and under-lights for furniture, appliances, and especially the television. If you have a large-screen television, soft lighting around the back will reflect to color-change the entire wall and room. 

Tailgate Party Décor

Take your rope lights outdoors for the best-looking tailgate party you've ever seen. Use your rope light to line the back of your truck or even create an overhead frame for some beautiful and handy illumination. Or you can make artwork with your LED rope light to display for any outdoor event and gathering.

Outdoor Event Lighting

Speaking of outdoor events, rope lights are the ideal upgrade to twinkling fairy lights when it comes to setting the mood. Make use of your pavilion tents, line and light pathways for guests and most of all, create a magical feeling with LED rope lights that will make your outdoor evening event unforgettable.

  • Connect to Vehicles
  • Loop Around Poles
  • String Between Trees
  • Drape Over Tents

Camping Tent Lights and Decoration

Of course, where your USB-powered rope light will really shine is camping in the great outdoors. When there are no street lights or buildings for miles around, you sometimes need a little more than starlight to navigate the campsite at night. A rope light is a great, versatile source of illumination when you need to find something, and can be dimmed and color-changed to the perfect camp-side mood lighting when it's time to tell spooky stories or settle down for bed.

Looped Glowing Sign Design

The flexibility of your rope light can make it possible to make your own beautiful looping sign art. Use a craft board and U posts to pin your rope light in any looping shape you want. You can draw a tree, loop a heart, or even write your name or a lovely word in looping cursive. Then display it on your wall proudly as an original piece of art. With a USB light rope, you can take your glowing sculpture and decorate anywhere.

Glowing Personal Party Attire

In fact, you can even wear an LED rope light to decorate yourself. With a USB battery pack in your pocket, drape the rope light over your shoulders or wind it around your arms. If you're wearing a big coat, use a few loops of thread to hold the rope stylishly to the hem line.

Light Toy Design

Last but not least, you can even make toys with a flexible LED rope light. Wind the rope around a stick for a wizard's staff or swing it as part of a poi dance. There are so many unexplored ways to have fun with a USB powered LED rope light yet to be discovered.

Are you considering a rope light to enhance your indoor décor or make your outdoor adventures more beautiful? The decorating possibilities are endless when you have the right rope light for the job.