January 29, 2021 4 min read

Luminoodle Click is an amazing lighting solution for there are countless ways in which it can be used in and around your home. It can take any form and shape you desire. Its ease of installation, simple one-click operation and affordability makes it a very intelligent choice for lighting up your entire home. You don’t need to buy expensive lights that take up a lot of energy.

Luminoodle can be installed even in those places in your home which you considered difficult to reach and light up till now. Taking off the luminoodle is as easy as installing it. The uniformly spaced flexible LED light strip can be shaped whichever way you want and all you need to power them are three AAA batteries. The power plug itself is big, easy to find and you can stick it to any surface using the free 3M adhesive tape. 

The Luminoodle Click is available in two types: warm white 2700 K and daylight 5000 K. Both provide a luminosity of 144 lumens and measure 3 feet in length. The price of these is just $18 each. You can also benefit from a discount while buying the 3-pack which contains three lights for a price of just $36. 


Whether you have a walk-in wardrobe or a built-in closet, you can simply stick the Luminoodle Click inside your closets and even use more than one for each compartment. As these are flexible LED lights in the form of a strip, you can install them around the edges of your closet, inside or outside. This will not only give a beautiful look to your closets but also make it much easier for you to see what is inside even when it is dark. So you won't have to try to feel the things with your hands in order to find them. 

Give your shoe rack a glowing look by using the Luminoodle Click. Considering the utility of this product, the cost of lighting up your closet with it is nothing as compared to other lighting solutions. If you want to give a warm look to your wardrobe try the 2700 K version or if you like the brighter side install the 5000 K version. 


You can install the Luminoodle Click inside your cabinet using the simple 3M adhesive tape; you do not even need a power source. Not only will it create an amazing look but also save you a lot of hassle; you won't be facing the difficulty of identifying things in the dark if your cabinet is properly lit. This also reduces the risk of breaking something you hold dear. Your child’s toy cabinet would look even fancier to them if you use the Luminoodle Click to lighten it up. 


You can install the Luminoodle Click above or around your kitchen shelves as well as your bookshelves. All you have to do is put the batteries in and stick the Luminoodle Click around the boundaries of the shelves, above them or even under them. You can also place the Luminoodle Click on your shed ceiling and cover it entirely to provide an efficient lighting solution for your entire shed. 

The simple and affordable installation of Luminoodle Click does not even require the help of an electrician. One Luminoodle Click is 3 feet in length and you can use more than one and let them follow the contours of your shelves. 


You can greatly enhance the ambience of your pantry by using Luminoodle Click. Stick the luminoodle around the edges of your kitchen cabinets or to the edges of your kitchen table. You can also stick it inside your kitchen cabinetry and make your crystal ware shine some more. 

Luminoodle Click can be used to light up the dark areas under your kitchen counter and sink. Simply installing the luminoodle by sticking it to the surface will not just provide an easy and affordable lighting solution but also make your pantry look awesome. 


Tired of looking for the tools you bought years ago? Or sick of losing everything inside your shed in an attempt of storing them? Has your shed lost its purpose just because it is too dark? Do your hands hurt while looking for stuff? Use the Luminoodle Click to improve the lighting in your shed so that you do not have to spend hours searching for your tools and other things. Stick one or more Luminoodle Click on the ceiling to enhance your visibility. We highly recommend using the 5000 K Luminoodle for your shed. 


There are other places in your home which can benefit from the Luminoodle Click. For instance, your workbench. You can install the luminoodle above your workbench or around its edges.This would make it more interesting as well as improve the lighting for your work. With it, you can work for hours without worrying about the power expense. 

The nooks and corners of your home can benefit from the installation of Luminoodle Click and make it safer for your children. Your dog shed in your garden could do with some lighting. You can install the luminoodle inside your garage; this will ensure safety for yourself and your family, give it a beautiful look and make it easier for you to find and store stuff. Besides, you can lighten up your store room using the Luminoodle Click; try using the daylight 5000 K type for a brighter look. 

Another amazing idea is to use the Luminoodle Click to lighten up your laundry room. Also, you could give a lively look to your bedrooms by sticking the Luminoodle Click around the edges of your bed. You may also want to lighten up your backyard and landscaping using the versatile luminoodle. The possibilities and ideas of using the Luminoodle Click are endless. So use your imagination and come up with creative ways to illuminate the different spaces in your home.