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If you have been on TikTok or YouTube recently you have probably seen bedrooms or gaming rooms with very aesthetically pleasing ambient lighting that infuses the room with a soft and diffused light in different colors. It is usually lined around the edges of the room or behind furniture depending on the room layout. These lights are made of LED bulbs which is what makes them so customizable and easy to use. Especially if you have gotten a taste of RBG lighting it is tough to follow it up with anything else. 

The Benefits of Rope Lights

While fairy lights have individual bulbs sticking out, rope lights differ in the way the LED bulbs are  presented by being wrapped inside a flexible tube which is either made of plastic or rubber. The LED bulbs in rope lights are closer together and because they are protected from the outside these lights can be safely used indoors as well as outdoors because they’re waterproof and like the Luminoodle Light Rope some work on a battery pack which removes the need or the hazard of a socket.

These rope lights are available in hues ranging from warm oranges and reds to cool blues and greens. You can of course get plain white ropes if you are confused about colors and want one that goes with everything. Otherwise, because of RBG LEDs, like in the Luminoodle Color Light Rope, you have the option to choose between around 15 colors, switch between them whenever, and change the brightness settings according to the mood. 

Ever wondered why LEDs are becoming so popular? It is because they are just better quality and more sustainable. Let us explain what we mean by that. LED bulbs are sturdier (especially if you have them wrapped in a plastic tube you can even handle them safely while they are lit) and they have a longer life compared to other common bulbs. 

The best part is that they use up very low voltage which means you can essentially run them all night and still not have to pray a lot for your electric bill or in the case of Luminoodle charge the battery too quickly. And if you live in a place which can get pretty hot or you just don’t want your face to take the heat of your mirror lighting you would be particularly intrigued to hear that LEDs stay cooler compared to other bulbs which produce a lot of heat. 

How to Use Rope Lights Indoors

There are so many ways you can put your lights. Depending on where you want to put your lights we have a few suggestions. These lights will specifically bring your home up to a modern, sophisticated standard which will especially look amazing if you have a minimalist look going on. Just read on to get an idea of how to give your home an upgrade. There are two main ways of going about it: you can either leave the lights exposed or hide them behind objects like furniture. Let’s start with the basics.

Hallways and Closets

  • You can either put up these lights to run along the ceiling or the floor in your hallway. Ceiling works better if you have pets or small children (although your roomba would be fine with these). This can help as guiding lights if you ever need to get up at night to get some water or even a snack. Or just generally in the evening reduce the amount of electricity you use by just keeping these on and turning off the main lights.
  • Speaking of late night snacks or a glass of water that turns into a peanut butter sandwich at 1 am, stairways are a perfect place for stringing these up or even along the steps if you want a very cyberpunk look. String of lights on the staircase look beautiful and give the whole area a very cosy look. They will enhance any plants you have in these areas as well.
  • If your closet is 50% black clothes (or more) we understand that it may get hard to find that one shirt without some extra light in there. You don’t have to turn on your phone’s flashlight and rummage around with one hand. Just put up rope lights instead. Bonus: it will look amazing.


  • Kitchens are the one room in homes which people don’t pay much attention to in terms of aesthetics particularly when it comes to lighting. Functionality is much more important, we get it. But you can have both. We understand that when you need to chop up a bunch of veggies it really is important to have a big main light on but for when you’re just looking to microwave something to grab a yogurt from the fridge it is great to just have these LEDs.
  • You can run these along the underside of kitchen cabinets to create a soft effect which would enhance any pictures of your food that you want to share. 
  • Of course you can also put these above the cabinets. We particularly recommend this if you get a view of the kitchen from another room.

Living Rooms

  • The basic ceiling or floor option always works for the living room especially if you have a vaulted ceiling it's a no brainer to put up your lights there.
  • But you can use these for objects like a bookshelf you may have or any artwork/posters you want to highlight.
  • You can use these to give the effect of bias lighting if you run them behind the TV which would reduce eye strain if you like to watch TV in the dark. And if you want to move around then it’s easier to not trip if you’ve got LEDs on in the background. 
  • Speaking of screens, if you have a separate room for your computer set up or workspace where you also need to record videos then these lights are great to create whatever kind of aesthetic you want. 
  •  If you’re lucky enough to have a home theater, these lights are perfect to create that movie theater look.


  • In your bedroom you can literally put these anywhere and they will look good but don’t worry we’ll get more specific. As always, the floor or ceiling is a great location. 
  • If you have children you can use the Luminoodle Color Light rope as a nightlight. The light will be soft enough to not disrupt their sleep and the rubber covering makes them safe if your child messes around with it or if a pet frequents their room.
  • You can also hang them up around your dressing, mirror, or above a study desk. 
  • Run these along the back of your bed’s headboard and ditch the big lamps that take up space on your nightstands.  

Rec Room/Man Cave/Whatever

  • This section is for all the miscellaneous looks. If you have a bar anywhere in your home it’s perfect to put some rope light around it and set it to a warm orange glow. If set appropriately you don’t even need any ceiling lights on to make your drinks. You and your guests can chill undisturbed.
  • Another place would be the bathroom especially if it’s shared. Even if it’s for independent use no one wants to wake up in the middle of the night and be met with glaring bright lights. 

Using Rope Lights Outdoors

For lighting up patios or to take with on your next camping trip something like the Luminoodle Basecamp 12V would be excellent. It doesn’t need an outlet, it’s perfectly safe in any weather, it’s extra long and much brighter with 10 brightness settings.

  • If you have a driveway or a landing outside the main door that you want to accentuate with muted light this is perfect.
  • For any night hangouts from barbecues to birthday parties these rope lights make it really easy to create a festive look. Just drape them on any bushes, wrap them around trees, or string them around the low-hanging boughs of trees so the light points upward, illuminating the branches. One word: enchanting.
  • If you have a patio or a deck with a railing or seating area you can wind the lights along them to create a cosy, homey look.
  • You can also use these in any dark spots or windows to scare away any burglars who will probably feel too exposed to do anything they should not be doing. And of course there is the added benefit of your home looking gorgeous always. 
  • On your next camping trip you can hang these up on a nearby tree or if you have a car you can pop up the trunk and put up the lights there. If you use the Luminoodle Basecamp you can even plug the lights in directly to your car.

Use any of these ideas and create a lovely space that is all yours.

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