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Product Intro

God said “Let there be light “and Luminoodle said “Click.” Click and light up any area you want. Whether it is your wardrobe, closet, garage, your lawn, your camping site or anything that needs to lighten up, this noodle made with LED lights can fit anywhere. This innovative string of lights does not even need any electric supply and is powered by three AA batteries that fit into a white little box which sticks onto any surface with 3M adhesive tape.

1. Features

Luminoodle is a string of eighteen equally spaced LEDs over a length of three feet. It can take any shape you want and stick to any surface. The uniform space between the lights ensures that light spreads evenly in all directions. The power plug can be hooked to any surface with 3M tape that comes along with the light.

2. Available Types

Luminoodle click is available in two varieties:

  • Warm White 2700 K
  • Daylight 5000 K

The Warm White 2700 K is a low temperature version for those who prefer slightly dim lighting. It can also be used for giving a light luminous effect to your indoors. On the other hand, the Daylight 5000 K is brighter and more suitable for lighting up outdoor sites or stuff. Both types are available in the same length and number of lights. Apart from the color temperature, they have the same features. 

3. Technical Specs

Color Temperature (Warm White) 2700K
Color Temperature (Daylight) 5000K
Powered By 3 AA Batteries (included)
Mounting Heavy Duty 3M Tape
Light Strip Length 1 meter (3.3 feet)
Light Output 144 Lumens (max)
Dimensions 3.9" x 2.4" x 1" / 10 x 6.2 x 2.4 cm

One noodle is 3 feet long and offers a luminosity of 144 Lumens. The 3M Tape is used for mounting the power plug. Three AA batteries are required for one strip. The warm white variation has a color temperature of 2700 K while the daylight variation has a color temperature of 5000 K.

4. Possible Ways to Use it

Here are some ideas and possible ways in which you can use these lights. However, you can always come up with your own imagination to use these in various creative ways. 

Ways to use luminoodle lights
  • You can take Luminoodle Click to your camping trips and use them to light up your campsite, your RV camper and even your tent. This would not only improve safety but also make your campsite look beautiful.
  • The outline of your roof can use some lighting when it is time to celebrate.
  • You can decorate the trees in your garden and the flower pots by wrapping the Luminoodle Click around them.
  • You can lighten up the backseats of your vehicle or the trunk.
  • When it comes to the indoors, you can use them in your closets; usually closets and wardrobes have nooks and corners that stay dark and could do with some light.
  • Luminoodle Click can light up your pantry; you can install them under countertops, around your shelves or under your sink.
  • You can stick them behind your TV to give it a cool luminous look.
  • Your child can really benefit from the Luminoodle Click around his cot or his bed and toy cabinet/shelves.

5. How to use it for Office & Study Rooms

Use the Luminoodle Click to cover your study table. It will not only make the table look beautiful but would also help you read during the night. You can even turn off your normal lights to save electricity and use the Luminoodle Click instead. If you are sharing your room with someone this can really come in handy. The edges and outlines of your bookshelf would look awesome with Luminoodle Click on them. Besides, it would also help you identify your favorite book even in the dark. You can use them to decorate your office and give it a lively look while at the same time provide increased luminosity to your interior. You can stick it on the roof just above your office desk for better lighting.

6. Why Recommended

  • Out of Sight, Within Reach

    out of sight luminoodle

The Luminoodle can be fixed in even the most inaccessible places and the power plug which is pretty prominent is easy to find due to its size. You can fit it under your sink and find it without kneeling or bending. You can even fit it under your car seats.

  • No Outlet

    freedom from the outlet luminoodle feature

The Luminoodle Click does not require any power outlet. All you need are three AA  batteries in the power plug which itself can adhere to any surface with the 3M tape.

  • Install Anywhere

    install anywhere

You can install the Luminoodle Click in any corner, on any wall, cabinet, shelves and tables. Its ease of installation and the fact that it’s a string of lights allows it to be used anywhere.

7. Pack 1 Vs Pack 3

Luminoodle Click is available in two packs. Pack 1 consists of one noodle measuring 3 feet for a price of $ 18 while Pack 3 consists of three noodles at a price of only $ 36.

8. Luminooodle Click Vs Other Lights

luminoodle comparison lights

There are other types of LED spotlights and light strings available in the market which use batteries but most of them require more than three batteries. Moreover, the lights are not equidistant from each other and thus do not provide uniform lighting. All the eighteen LED lights on the Luminoodle can be operated by using only one button whereas most of the other lights available in the market have multiple buttons for multiple lights.

9. Accessories

Accessories for Luminoodle Click include 3M Tape and AA batteries which come for free with both Pack 1 and Pack 3. Both the batteries and 3M tape are easily available in the market in case they need to be replaced.

10. Pros & Cons


  • Extremely easy to install and does not require hiring any electrician or using any tools.
  • It can be installed at almost every place you can imagine whether indoor or outdoor.
  • Places that are difficult to access can benefit from Luminoodle Click.
  • Luminoodle Click can light up places that require constant lighting but do not have electric supply.
  • You can even use it for decorative purposes. 


  • Although it does not require much power, continuous usage may require changing batteries frequently.
  • Sticking tape may fail after a while and would require replacement.
  • When using outdoors they will face more wear and tear due to climatic conditions.

11. Risks & Challenges

This is a simple product which does not require high electrical input and is relatively safer to use than other lighting devices. The only challenge we can think of is its durability outdoors and its resistance to weather conditions, dust and water.

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