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Everyone at one time or another throws a party, whether it is a farewell, graduation, New Year’s Eve or a birthday party. And for every party planned there is a vision. Balloons, snacks, entertainment set ups are all important but nothing turns an ordinary day into a party with some special lights to create that party ambiance. It could be a neon lit studio apartment dance party or a warmly lit and cosy patio with a barbecue grill on. The thing about Luminoodle is the flexibility in application. There are so many ways to use and adapt a Luminoodle that you basically will not need to invest in a bunch of different types of light.

Types of Lights Used in Parties

Let’s go over the main types of lights that people frequently use. The very first one is fairy lights. These do look magical hanging off of tree branches or even hung around a room. Fairy lights don’t have a diffused glow nor will they be enough to light up a room on their own. These work best as supplemental lights for a cosy hangout.

Next up are LED candles. While it is great that we don’t have to worry about accidentally burning the house down with these battery operated candles, they aren’t able to provide the satisfaction of an actual flame or the intensity of regular lights. They look very artificial. 

Lanterns on the other hand are beautiful especially for an outdoor gathering. They immediately enhance any place they are put up. The downside of lanterns is that they are bulky, heavy and look out of place indoors. 

There are also disco lights and balls but unless your party’s theme is prom or a 70’s nightclub you will most likely not be opting for these. 

LED strip or rope lights are the most popular ones nowadays. These give a bright yet diffused glow that can be adjusted in color or brightness depending on the kind of party you’re throwing. 

How Many Ways to Use Luminoodles

First things first, there are three main ways of putting up a Luminoodle. You can use magnet sliders to attach to metal, universal ties to hook them around anything or put them inside the lantern pouch and carry with you anywhere safely. Otherwise if you want to permanently stick them you can use various kinds of adhesives as the tube covering the LED bulbs will protect from any damage from the glue.

You can either put up these lights to run along the ceiling or the floor in any room. Stairways are a perfect place for stringing these up or even along the steps if you want a very cyberpunk look. If you have a bar anywhere in your home it’s perfect to put your Luminoodle around it and set it to a warm orange glow.  But you can also use it for objects like a bookshelf you may have or any artwork/posters you want to highlight. It can also be used as bias lighting behind your TV.

Because the Luminoodle is portable you can attach it to any workplace like the underside of cars or engines so you don’t have to hold any torch. Or take it on your camping trip to hang on a nearby tree or attach to the trunk of your car. You can even carry these for any night hikes or walks.

For any outdoor hangouts from barbecues to birthday parties, the Luminoodle makes it really easy to create a festive look. Just drape it on bushes, wrap it around trees, or string it around low-hanging branches. If you have a patio or a deck with a railing or seating area you can wind the lights along them to create a cosy, homey look.

To create great photo or video effects you can even light yourself up by safely wrapping a Luminoodle around yourself and then engage in different activities like riding a bike or dancing. The possibilities are limitless. Get creative.


Luminoodle is LED bulbs wrapped inside a flexible tube which is USB/battery powered. Because they are protected from the outside these lights can be safely used indoors as well as outdoors as they are waterproof. 

You can of course get plain white ropes if you are confused about colors and want one that goes with everything. Otherwise, because of RBG LEDs, like in the Luminoodle Color Light Rope, you have the option to choose between around 15 colors, switch between them whenever, and change the brightness settings according to the mood. The best part is, frequently changing the settings or turning these lights on and off will not cause any degradation or damage to the device.

LEDs are becoming very popular because they are better quality, reliable and more sustainable. LED bulbs are sturdier and have a longer life. Your Luminoodle can withstand significant vibration and impact which allows it to be used on the move. 

It uses low voltage very efficiently which means your batteries will last longer and less heat will be generated. The LED bulbs in Luminoodle emit electromagnetic energy as light when a current passes through them. This skips the step of producing heat and directly produces light which means that the Luminoodle is able to work at a much lower temperature and in cooler areas unlike a lot of other lights.

It is also better to use a Luminoodle when lighting things such as equipment or machinery that need to stay cool while working like high processing computers. LEDs don’t emit any UV light which can cause a wide array of health issues like premature aging, and eye problems among various other issues. On top of that Luminoodle is also very safe to handle even when lit and can be used in different temperatures as well as weather without any issues. 

There are many ways to use the Luminoodle that makes it the best lighting for any kind of nighttime party. 

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