October 06, 2020 4 min read

With increasing crime rates all over the world, road trips aren't as safe as they used to be. If you want to go out on a fun, carefree trip with friends or family, it’s best to pack essentials that will ensure a safe trip. Here are the 5 things that you absolutely cannot leave the house without.

Safe Road Tripping: 5 Things You Should Know

1. Portable Batteries

Millennials cannot live without their phones and there’s a good reason behind that. Everything that our life revolves around is inside this small device - from our wallet to contacts and maps. Half the essentials you need for a road trip are readily available in your smartphone. You have the internet for looking up the best tourist spots, maps in case you get lost, a torch for camping, a compass for hiking and so much more. 

With that being said, not everybody has a phone with a great battery. Older models only promise 6-7 hours of battery time and even less, especially if mobile data and location is turned on. Thus, portable batteries i.e. powerbanks are a must for safe road trips. It’s best to buy a portable battery with a power of over 21000 mAH so that its own battery doesn’t run out fast.  

2. Carry a gun 

Before you consider this, first find out whether the state you live in or the state you are traveling to allows you to carry a gun. If it does, you can get a permit and purchase a 9 mm pistol or a pump action shotgun, two of the most common firearms used for home defense. Also make sure that you know how to operate the firearm, because mishandling could cause serious injuries if the firearm goes off and puts you at risk of a felony. This would also result in you losing your license for carrying the gun. 

Thus, it is important to go through the hassle of obtaining a license and gun because it protects you in the long run. On the off chance that you do run into car trouble and face a potential robber/attacker, simply revealing the presence of your gun is often enough to scare the other person away. Even if you don't intend to use it, having it can give you a sense of security.

3. Check your tires and carry a spare 

One of the biggest reasons that cause accidents on the highway is the low air pressure in a tire. Low air pressure can result in increased friction between the road and tire, which ultimately results in a blowout when it gets extremely heated. This can cause dangerous accidents.

Thus, it is crucial to get the air pressure in your tire checked before you leave for a long road trip. In fact, even with a car in good condition, you will still have to stop for breaks in order to allow the engine to cool down, otherwise you could potentially damage the engine as well.

With that being said, it is also important to carry a spare tire and of course, know how to change it. Anything on the road could cause a tire puncture and without a spare tire or knowledge of how to change it, you could end up being stranded on the highway for hours until help arrives. 

Additionally, it is extremely unsafe to stop at a highway as you put yourself at the risk of robbery, especially in states where the crime rate is high.  

4. Pack a first-aid kit 

This is a must have for any kind of road trip. From over the counter painkillers to gauzes, you need to be prepared for any type of medical emergency. First, a bottle of Advil is a must because headaches are extremely common in road trips. Secondly, keep a medicine for nausea if you’re traveling with somebody who gets car sick easily or if you’re traveling in a mountainous area. More importantly, if you can, buy medicines that help blood clot faster in case there is a severe accident and someone faces extreme blood loss. Along with these, keep gauze, cotton swabs, iodine solution, a pair of scissors and medical tape. If there is any regular medicine you use, keep a little extra in case your stay is delayed. This could potentially save a life in an emergency situation. Last but not least, always travel with plenty of food and water to stay hydrated and healthy. 

5. Get comfortable 

Even if you’re taking turns driving, it is extremely important to get in a good few hours of sleep before you take the wheel. Sleeping in a car full of people isn’t exactly the most comfortable way to take a nap, but you can pack a few essentials to help you sleep better. Firstly, buy a neck pillow. Normal pillows will not fit well in the car and be more of nuisance than a comfort. A neck pillow, on the other hand, is fitted so it provides cushioned support to your neck and head. Secondly, buy a weighted blanket to ensure the smoothest sleep. Quility blankets sells weighted blankets that are not only comfortable but also great for people who suffer from disturbed sleep and anxiety. If you’re a light sleeper, you can also opt for a nighttime eye mask and ear plugs. Proper sleep will ensure you remain vigilant when you take over the wheel and will reduce the chances of an accident occurring.