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If you are the kind who loves riding bikes or you just bought a bike and plan to go on a long bike trip with your friends, then you should know how to drive safely. When on the road proper lighting is one of the most important things, especially when riding during a dark night. Proper lighting will not only clear your line of vision, but also let other traffic identify you. This is absolutely essential if you are a regular biker and you commute for long distances. 

What a Bike Ride Needs? 

During a long trip you may be on the road when evening sets in, or you might want to enjoy riding with your friends in the dark. It's always good to illuminate the area around you and to do that you can make use of battery powered lights. These can be installed at the front & rear of your bike. These are available in a large variety of options, but how do you decide which one is best for you? You should first consider the below factors: 


The brightness of light is measured in lumens, higher lumens mean a brighter light, however you must remember that the beam pattern of your light also influences the brightness. Riding through streets which already have some lights does not require the lumens to be above 100, however if you decide to traverse a mountain or a long road on your bike during the night, you may require luminosity of at least 1000 lumens. Rear lights do not offer such luminosity and for you to attach a 1000 lumen front light, the power requirement and charging will be pretty challenging. 

Climatic Conditions

You spend more than $100 to provide an effective lighting solution for your bike trips, only to find out that your light suffered from short circuiting due to rainfall or the glass cover needs to be opened and cleaned from inside. It will make the light hazy and reduce your line of vision. It is very important for bike lights to be waterproof and more resistant to weather conditions. 

Battery Life

Your light runs out of power supply in the middle of the road during the night. This could be really frustrating and dangerous, especially if you are riding on a mountain. The brighter the light, the higher will be its power consumption, so getting a high-power light system is not the only challenge, providing it with proper recharging is also important. You cannot charge your light in the middle of the road, no matter how expensive it is, it will require recharging for operating again. 


What you buy for your safety obviously depends on how much you can afford. Simple basic reflectors start from $13 and their utility in the outdoors is negligible. Powerful LED light systems, some with traffic radars, start from $200. An average set of front and rear lights will start from $120. You need to come up with a solution that is not only value for money, but also provides you adequate safety. 

How to Use Luminoodle Rope Lights? 

Luminoodle rope lights are an innovative light solution that can be shaped to suit any lighting need almost anywhere. The reason why it is called a “noodle” is that it is in the form of a string of LED lights. It is available in lengths of 5 ft and 10 ft, with a luminosity of 180 lumens and 360 lumens. All the lights are equidistant from one another, ensuring that the light spreads evenly.  You can select from a variety of colours and you can brighten or dim the light according to your need. The best part is that you do not need an electric supply for it  and you do not need heavy batteries. All you will need is a USB cable plugged into a power bank, or your cell phone charger or a USB port in your laptop. A single time charging can last for quite long. 

There is more than one way that a Luminoodle can be used. You can use magnets to stick the lights on the body of your bike. Make it follow the outline to give a beautiful glowing look to your bike. Stick them to the inner circle of your bike rims and make them look fantastic, while providing clear vision of the road ahead. These are very light, weighing only 133 to just 200 grams. You can even wrap them around yourself, while riding your bike without getting uncomfortable. Another way to use it is with the free nylon bag, using it you can transform the luminoodle into a lantern and hang it with your bike handle. 

Benefits of Using Luminoodle 

There are many benefits of using Luminoodle such as:

  • With a luminosity range of 180-360, these are sufficient to provide you with a glow that can be viewed from a great distance, making it easier for other traffic to spot you. 
  • The luminoodle is waterproof, that means you can use it even when it is raining and it will not betray you. 
  • $20 for five feet and $30 for ten feet is value for money, especially when you consider the luminosity it is providing and its versatility. 
  • The noodle can fit anywhere, you can even roll it and fit it in your pocket. 
  • Its flexibility allows you to make your entire bike luminous.
  • You can attach it anywhere using the free magnets or universal ties. 
  • Not only will luminoodle provide you with a lighting solution, it will make you look cool also. 
  • You can keep on charging the lights while they are on by connecting them to a power bank kept inside your pocket. 
  • A simple USB charging cable is required for recharging them and a single charge can last for long. 
  • You can choose a different colour for your rims and a different one for the rest of the body. 

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