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Your garage should be well lit as considering the utility of this room in your home, it plays the role of protecting your car, acts as a storage for your tools and a workplace for those who love to DIY. Sufficient lighting is required for performing all these tasks and could also help you locate your tools and other stuff easily. A garage that does not have proper lighting might end up causing you an injury. 

The best lighting solution for your garage is the one which transforms it into a bright place with no potential for hazards. There is a large variety of these lighting solutions available in various types and prices. Let us look at the different types of lights that are available in the market. 

Types of Lighting  

The lighting market has seen immense development in the last few years. Incandescent bulbs have been replaced with energy efficient LEDs and you also have the option of fluorescent lighting. They all have their merits and demerits. 

LED - Light Emitting Diodes 

LED is the abbreviation of ‘Light Emitting Diodes.’ They have found extensive acceptance all around the world. One reason for this is that they provide enhanced brightness at much lower energy consumption and have a long life. LEDs work by generating a bright beam of light in a straight direction, concentrating on a miniscule area. For the purpose of lighting large areas, manufacturers use reflectors or multi-directional wings to spread the light uniformly around the area. 

Fluorescent Lighting 

Fluorescent lighting uses a mercury based vapor gas that produces light; it does not have any filament or diode. Electricity passes through the gas which emits UV light while the whole assembly is encased in a fluorescent bulb. The light spreads out in a 360-degree pattern when it hits the surface of these elongated glass tubes. They are long lasting but due to the fact that they have mercury gas, they are hazardous if discarded without following proper recycling methodology.  

Factors to Consider for Selection of Lighting 


Garages do not receive a lot of sunlight so you should choose bright lighting for it. Lumens are a measure of brightness; the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. 

Color Temperature  

Color temperature is the color the light produces; it is measured in units of temperature. The lower the temperature the warmer it is. Since most garages are gray and give an industrial look, a cooler lighting temperature would be a better choice. The most suitable light temperature for a garage would be around 5000 K which would produce a slightly bluish light and not produce glare. It will be soft on your eyes. 

Energy Efficiency  

Incandescent bulbs consume the highest energy while fluorescent bulbs cut consumption by 70 %. LED bulbs are the most efficient and reduce energy consumption by 90 percent. 

Connectivity and Installation 

Ease of installation and replacement play a significant role when you are considering lighting your garage. Screw-in LED bulbs are a good choice because of their simple installation. 

Simple plug-in systems can also be used. They are often available in a series of bulbs which you can connect together using jumper wires to illuminate your garage. 

Fluorescent lighting requires more work for installation; they have to be hardwired in your circuit.  

Life Span

LED lights have the longest life compared to other types of lights, then comes fluorescent lights and then filament lights. 

Ways to Use Luminoodle in Garage 

Luminoodle offers a variety of USB and battery powered LED lights. It’s a series of equally spaced LED lights on a string. The Luminoodle ‘click’ is available in 2700 K and 500 K variations. It requires only three AA batteries which fit into a power plug with a click button. Its length is 3 ft and its luminosity is 144 lumens. It can stick on any surface using 3M adhesive tape. 

The luminoodle light and color light rope are available in two lengths: 5 ft with 180 lumens and 10 ft with 360 lumens. It can stick to any surface using universal ties, magnets and utility loops. It also has a nylon bag; you can roll the noodle and put the string into the bag making it look like a lantern.

The luminoodle light can be charged using a USB power cable connected to a power bank, a cell phone charger and even your laptop. The luminoodle pro bias and white bias lights are used for ambient lighting and can add a glow to your garage. You can use it behind your workbench or your tool cabinet. You can use the luminoodle rope on the corners of your garage to make them bright and more visible. Besides, these lights can be hanged from your roof in the shape of lanterns or strings. The luminosity produced by more than one of them together can illuminate your entire garage. The Luminoodle click can be used inside your cabinets and storage shelves. You can make different designs on your garage walls using the luminoodle rope lights. 

The Best Lighting for Garage to Purchase in 2021

Why Luminoodle Lights are the Best 

  • Installation is incredibly easy. 
  • They are highly luminous. A combination of more than one can light up large spaces.
  • They can be installed anywhere and you can give them any shape or design.
  • You can install them even in hard-to-reach places or corners. 
  • They are energy and cost efficient; they can be recharged and do not require electric supply. 
  • They are available in numerous colors and you can select the brightness as well. 
  • They are way more affordable than other lights. 

Issues with Other Ordinary Lights 

  • Fluorescent lights also have a long lifespan but they can be hazardous. 
  • Fluorescent lights and LED bulbs are much more expensive. 
  • They require more effort for installation and replacement.
  • They consume more energy than luminoodle lights. 
  • They cannot be shaped into the designs you desire.  

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