June 18, 2021 3 min read

What’s up gamers? Are you ready to take your gaming room to the next level? Whether you want to find the best lighting for live streaming or want to impress your friends, this is the place for you. In this guide, we'll be highlighting all things gamer lighting from how it can improve your gaming experience to game room lighting ideas. Let’s get started! 

Why Gamers use lights 

Whether you’re playing a round of Madden solo or having some friends over to play Mario Party, gamer room lights can take your experience to the next level.  Game room lights create a unique environment to immerse you into the world of your favorite games.

Gaming in total darkness can cause eye strain, headaches, and disorientation. There is nothing worse than when you’re in the middle of a round of Call of Duty and you knock over your drink in the dark. Then you’re scrambling to clean it up before it reaches your expensive controllers and consoles. Gaming lights give enough light for you to see your controller or keyboard to avoid playing in complete darkness and knocking things over. Not only that, but they help even out the disparity between the brightness of your screen and the surrounding environment so that you can play more comfortably for longer. 

Male gamer sitting in front of computer.

What Lights Gamers Use 

Overhead lights cause glare on the screen making it harder to see where you’re going in Mario Kart. Don’t get us started on how floor and desk lamps create clutter and ruin the whole vibe when battling the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. Your gaming room is your battle station and needs to be customized to fit the universes you’re exploring. Here is a list of game room lighting ideas to help you find the best lighting for your setup. 

Sky Lights

  • Sky lights create patterns of galaxies that spread across the room. With this game room ceiling light, you can create galaxies on your walls or ceiling depending on where you point it. These are good lights for live streaming to provide engaging backgrounds for viewers. 

LED Lights 

  •  LED lights, like thePower Practical Pro Bias Lighting, create a soft and relaxing environment. They can be placed on the back of your TV or monitor to brighten up your game. There is a wireless remote that has up to 14 color options to fit perfectly with any of your games. With 3M adhesive strips, these are very easy to use for streaming light setups. 

Fan Lights 

  • With long gaming sessions, gaming consoles and computers can quickly start to overheat. Fan lights help devices stay cool with fun colors flashing around the room. 

Laser Lights

  • Lasers are an energy-efficient lighting solution for gamer wall lights. They project rich and vibrant colors and provide just the right amount of brightness. They are good lights for streaming. 

How to Pick Lights for Your Setup

Now that you know the different types of lights gamers use, it’s time to decide which ones will work best for you and your setup. Here are three things to consider when looking at gamer lights. 

Know Your Space 

  • If your gaming room is the size of a standard office, you can get away with one light. If your gaming room is an entire basement, you’re going to need several lights for a properly lit space. 

Lighting Placement 

  • If you need lights behind your TV or monitor, get lights that can plug in them through USB (like Power Practical Pro Bias Lighting) to fit your setup. For live stream lighting, you can use projectors or sky lights to create engaging backgrounds for viewers.  

Minimize Wires

  • Why add more wires to trip over and ruin your gamer room’s look? Think about using lighting that requires fewer wires to still get the proper game lighting and lower your electricity bill.  

Now that you have conquered this gamer lighting guide, it’s time for you to level up your gaming room setup. Go out there and find the lights that best suit your video game endeavors, whether that be live streaming, playing with friends, or solo. 

Contributing Writer: Madeline Collins