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Camping enthusiasts will always be interested in gadgets that take up the least space and yet offer maximum utility. There are countless camping gears, gadgets and tools available in the market. If you’re planning to go camping, read on about the top ten camping gadgets and gears in 2021. 

  1. Survivor Filter Pro

There are many portable filters available in the market but the Survivor Filter Pro stands out because it employs a three stage filtration process. In stage 1 water passes through a fiber membrane filter that prevents particle size of up to 0.1 microns and removes bacteria such as E.coli, algae & protozoa; in the second stage the water passes through an activated carbon filter which reduces the level of heavy metals and pollutants while in the final stage an ultra-filter with an efficiency of 99.99 % filters out majority of the viruses. The Survivor Pro has a lifelong capacity of 100,000 liters. It is very compact and is suitable for use by only one person. For a price of $ 65, this water filter is highly recommended for campers and survivalists.

  1. Jackery Solar Generator Explorer

A 500 watts powerful generator, which uses solar energy to recharge its 518 Wh Lithium battery can really come in handy when you have to be outdoors for long. The Jackery Solar Generator can recharge all your gadgets including cell phones, laptops and even a TV set with a power of 60 watts. It takes 8 hours to charge the generator. A single charge can re-power your phone’s battery 20 times and your laptop 3 times. The generator can be repowered in four ways: from a 62 W solar panel, an 80 W wall outlet,  a 42 W car outlet as well as an 80 W generator. It is equipped with multiple outlets for numerous devices including USB ports. Making it a part of your outdoor adventure will save you from a lot of trouble.

  1. Camel Crown Lightweight Backpack Water Resistant

Available in three sizes 30 L,35 L and 40 L, the Camel Crown backpack is equipped with a heat insulation system that isolates your backpack from your back, speeding up airflow to your body and keeping you cool. It has many straps and pockets; the main space can be used for sports and travel necessities while the side pockets can be used for other things such as cell phones, bottles, etc. It has been made with high quality fabric that is water resistant. It also includes a rain cover for protection against rain; the back panel padding is made from breathable honey comb. You can stuff your hammock, journal, towels, clothes and even your beer in this backpack.

  1. The North Face Men’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket

Every camper knows the brand name “The North Face.” It has become synonymous with performance apparel including thermal and insulated jackets, footwear and equipment. You can select from a wide range of jackets offering different degrees of weather resistance. We suggest   the Resolve waterproof jacket which is available for a price of $ 89. It has been made with a special nylon fabric with a DWR (Durable-Water-Repellent) finish which keeps it dry even when it is raining. It is extremely lightweight, windproof and waterproof. Available in a standard size relaxed fit, it can be conveniently worn over sweaters or jackets. The cuffs are elastic so that you can fit them over your gloves. 

  1. Emergency Survival Gear Kit 145 Pcs by CHAREADA

This 145-piece survival kit includes almost every survival and camping tool you can think of. It comprises a first aid kit with 112 pieces of medical supplies, a fishing kit with 11 pieces and a 31-piece survival kit. The first aid kit includes stuff like scissors, different types of bandages such as butterfly bandage, triangular bandage, etc. The survival kit includes folding pliers, pocket fire bellow, folding knife, flashlight, fire starter, compass, emergency blanket, dual tube whistle, carabineer, wire saw and many more survival items. The wire saw is an amazing tool which can be used to cut medium size trees without a lot of effort. The thermal blanket is used for retaining heat but can also be used as a tent. The fishing kit consists of two pieces, each of fishing lines, fishing hooks and fishing lures.


  1. Primal Ridge Portable Gas Backpacking Stove

This 900 ml portable personal stove comes with a backpack, making it convenient to carry. It uses LPG (Liquefied Petroleum gas) as fuel. It is very compact, only 4.5 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches tall. The assembly includes a 900 ml pot with silicone handles which can fold when you want to keep it back in the bag, a lid which has sipping holes in it for you to drink your coffee or tea, a valve burner made of zinc, a tripod, a neoprene sleeve and a travel bag that is water and weather resistant. If you want to use your own pot you can use the free pot support included in the assembly. It is equipped with piezo ignition that means you only have to provide the gas. The travel bag has a strap so that you can wear it and also hook it to your camping gear.

  1. Luminoodle Basecamp 12 V

The Luminoodle Basecamp 12 V is a 20 feet string of LED lights that are equally spaced so that you can enjoy uniform light. It has 15 different color options to select from and produces 1000 lumens of bright light. The brightness is adjustable and you can dim it as well if you want. It can be shaped into anything. You can hang it on a tree above your campsite, use it on your car’s body or around your tent to light up the campsite. It comes with a nylon bag in which you can use it as a lantern. It includes a 12 v wall adapter, a 12 c car adapter and a 12 v battery back. It has a wireless remote which you can use to select different colors and intensities. You can hang the lights using universal ties or wall mounts. Since they are waterproof, you don’t have to worry about the wind or rain.

  1. Sparkr Wick Multipurpose Lighter

The Sparkr Wick is a plasma based lighter. It is a rechargeable electric lighter which means no fuel requirement and no need for replacement. It produces an arc of highly charged plasma which can be used to light up anything from a campfire to a BBQ grill. It is windproof which is why it is the best lighter for outdoor activities like camping. You can recharge it with a USB cable. You can plug the cable in a laptop or a car cellphone charger.  It is environment friendly and does not need to be refueled with propane, butane or methane. Charge it for just 60 minutes and it will last for days. It has a long neck so that you can reach difficult places without burning your hands. The neck has been constructed from gunmetal while the casing has been built from temperature resistant polycarbonate. It is a must have for your camping inventory.


  1. Suunto Traverse Alpha Outdoor Smart Watch

Suunto is a well-known name when it comes to smart watches built specifically for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, camping and swimming. The Suunto Traverse Alpha has been constructed to withstand extreme climatic conditions, from -20 degree celsius to 60 degree celsius. The most awesome feature is that it has a calendar based on location and moon phases that show moon rise and set times making you aware of the best hunting and fishing times. It has a GPS tracking system armed with a special automatic feature called the breadcrumb trail which allows you to get back home. The watch can be synced to Suunto’s Movescount App which is compatible with both IOS and Android. It also has a shot detection system that automatically tracks where and when you shoot. It maps your location’s coordinates so that you can view them later. It has a dial size of 50 mm, a scratch resistant glass made of sapphire crystal and a water repellent strap made with nylon.


  1. Off-Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite Multitool

This survival axe has thirty unique features you can use. The tang has been constructed from high carbon steel and can be used for cutting wood and other materials. Its handle has been constructed from glass filled nylon, a six inch foldable saw rests inside the nylon handle which can even cut through metal. It is equipped with a hammer head and a claw, built for the purpose of demolition, in case of an emergency. It is also used for breaking glass or cutting seat belts if you are stuck in your vehicle due to some accident. Various sizes of hex sockets have been cut into the hatchet head. With a length of just 11 inches and a weight of just 1.5 pounds, it should be a regular part of your camping gear.

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