January 29, 2021 5 min read

Your work routine, whether that of the office or your house, can be stressful. Same old monotonous routine can take its toll on your mental and spiritual well-being. It is very important to find solace, especially these days when the world is going through a pandemic that has not only resulted in serious loss of life, but is also affecting the mental well-being of masses. Quarantine, isolation and lockdowns are creating psychological challenges for people. Therefore, it becomes imperative to create a soothing location inside your home which you can resort to whenever you feel overwhelmed. A meditation space inside your home can really come in handy during times like these. Let's discuss how you can create the perfect meditation space for yourself inside your home. 

Identify Your Favorite Place 

There might already be a place in your home which you find the best and which makes you feel good. If you can spare an entire room for your meditation place that would be great, but everyone cannot have this luxury. If you do not have a big home and all rooms are occupied, you can still find your favorite spot and transform it into a meditation space. If you prefer staying close to nature and you have a backyard or a garden, you can create a space under your favorite tree. Some people create their meditation space in their terrace or the balcony. While there are some who have created a meditative space on their rooftops as well. It could be any place in your home with low traffic and low noise. Remember it has to be peaceful and should ideally be isolated to have better concentration. If you have other family members at home, you should ask them to respect your meditation timing and not intrude while you are trying to relax. 

Use Soft Cushioning 

Whichever place you identify for your meditation, use soft cushioning, rugs or floor mats which make you feel comfortable and which have a soothing effect on your body. Use meditation cushions, large pillows, sheepskins and other comfortable furnishings so that your meditation area provides you with comfort and peace. 

Use Pleasant Colors 

Colors play a very important role when it comes to calming your mind. Usually light and pale colors are preferred for meditation spaces, however this also depends on your perception of colors. Some people may find pale yellow more soothing, while others may prefer dark colors. Neutral colors are generally considered to be more effective in creating a calming and soothing environment. 


Remember for your mind to draw real benefits from meditation, it is better to stimulate all your senses. It is a known fact that fragrances play a very important role not just in creating a tranquil and pleasant environment, but they also have a very positive effect on your brain. You can keep an incense burner and burn your favorite fragrant wood. And if that is not your preference, you can keep your favorite flowers in flower pots around your meditation space or you can use an automatic fragrance dispenser. Scented candles can also be used, they are available in a wide variety of fragrances. They smell great as well as create a beautiful and warm ambiance.

Sound Therapy 

The place you choose to mediate at should be a quiet space, because meditation is all about focus and concentration. It is a blessing if you live in a vicinity where there is not too much noise, however if you live in a crowded and noisy place you may want to consider soundproofing your meditation space. You can also play some nice instrumental or meditative music in the background to minimize the sounds coming from the surrounding environment. There are many meditative music collections available and you can choose any according to your taste.

Light Therapy 

Lighting will help you create the right ambience for your meditation space. You don’t want your meditation space to be too bright or too dark or gloomy. Although, it would entirely depend on your choice, but it's better to use warm and soothing lights that would have a calming effect on your eyes. For instance, you can use Luminoodle Color Light Rope on your wall or around your favorite painting to create a glowing soothing halo of light. You can use the Luminoodle rope light around your meditation space or hang it from the ceiling in the shape of a lantern. They are available in a large variety of colors and they can be moulded into any shape. These are available in two temperatures; 2700 & 5000 K, the former is a warm one, while the latter is brighter light. You don’t need a power supply for them, just AAA batteries or a USB charger cable which you can plug into your laptop will do the job. As the lights are adhesive and flexible, you can stick them anywhere and some can even be attached using magnets. Their versatility makes them the perfect lighting solution for your meditation space. 

Wear The Right Attire 

Although what you wear is entirely your own choice and you do not need to buy expensive clothes for feeling good or meditating, remember even clothes can interfere with your contemplation time. If they are not comfortable, you will not be able to concentrate fully. You may already have a few loose PJs and shirts which have become soft over the years and you may want to use those while relaxing. If not, you can also buy some fresh, soft and comfortable clothes for the purpose of meditation. It is suggested not to wear tight and uncomfortable clothes while meditating. 

Keep it Clean 

Cleanliness is obviously another vital factor that should be considered for your meditation space. Dirt and clutter are not going to let you focus or meditate. While meditating, breathing exercises are very important so be sure to choose a space that is spotless and immaculate. Imagine breathing in dust during your meditation session. It is also suggested not to overcrowd your meditative space with loads of stuff. You can use some nice decorations, but don’t overdo it. Keep it light and easy on your eyes.  

Keep Technology Out 

A meditation space should ideally be free from cell phones and other electronic devices except your music system. Needless to say mobiles will distract you and if you are going to respond to every text message or notification you receive, then you would obviously not be able to meditate. So, turn off that cell phone. Meditation requires a high degree of focus and it is best to have nothing around that would make you lose your concentration.