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Lighters are one of the most used tools yet the most underrated ones. It is a useful, everyday life tool which helps in various tasks. Like any other equipment, lighters have evolved a lot over the period of time. Initially, the old flint spark and butane ones got popular. However, later on zippo lighters became famous. Currently, we have stepped into the new age of lighters - plasma lighters. This has changed the game completely. 

What Are Plasma Lighters?

Plasma lighters are a useful technology which has various names, including electric lighter, electronic lighter and arc lighter. These lighters are rechargeable. Known as the fourth state of matter, plasma is an ionized gas which lets the electrons flow. These lighters are comparatively safer than butane lighters as they do not contain the flammable gas in them.

Why Are They Known As Plasma Lighters?

Along with solids, liquids and gases, plasma is also a state of matter. Any gas that is ionized is called plasma. When energy is provided to the air, it gets ionized and allows electrons to move along the nucleus which creates current. Ionized gases are called plasma and they play an important role in this process, these lighters are named after them.

Types Of Plasma Lighters

There are two types of plasma lighters:

  1. Single Arc 
  2. Double Arc

Both of these have different appearances, including size, shape and color. However, the inner mechanism is the same. Both of these lighters work fine but a double lighter is fancier than the other one. As the name suggests, a double arc lighter produces double heat. Since it works on producing double heat, the electricity or store charge stored inside it finishes quickly. While, the stored charge of a single arc lighter lasts for a longer period of time.

How Do Plasma Lighters Work?

Plasma lighters come in various sizes, colors and shapes. They also have a USB port which makes it easier to charge the lighter. It takes an hour to charge and once it is fully charged you can use it for 10-15 minutes.

When a plasma lighter is charged it becomes able to store energy. Once you push the button on the lighter, it gives out enough energy in the air to make it ionized. Due to ionization, the electrons present in the air start moving along the nucleus and create current in the form of an arc. This is why they are also called electric and arc lighters.

Positive And Negative Electrodes

Plasma lighters consist of two electrodes, positive and negative. One electrode is more charged than the other one and as soon as the voltage difference begins, we get the required ignition.

The Fire Triangle

When you read about firelighters you think of how it has the ability to light your cigarettes. The fire triangle will solve this mystery for you. According to the fire triangle there are three things needed to ignite fire- oxygen, heat and fuel. In the case of plasma lighters, air in the surroundings becomes the oxygen provider. The tobacco in the cigarette plays the role of fuel, while heat comes from within the lighter. This heat is created by the voltage difference.

All these factors together play an important role in the working of a plasma lighter.

Benefits Of Plasma Lighters

Apart from it being portable, there are several other benefits of using a plasma lighter. Some of them are listed below:

1. Flameless

These lighters are flameless because their lighting is due to a plasma arc. Even though it is flameless, it heats the target efficiently.

2. Safe

As compared to conventional lighters, firelighters or matches, a plasma lighter is better and safer to use. It is convenient to control a plasma arc. A plasma arc would not light anything by accident as a flame might do. This lighter could be used in any position as the arc does not spike upwards.

3. Rechargeable

A plasma lighter is rechargeable, anywhere and anytime you want. It comes with a USB port which allows you to charge the battery through a power bank, computer, etc.

4. Environment Friendly

Unlike other traditional lighters or matchsticks, plasma lighters are environment friendly. Their rechargeable feature makes them long lasting and user friendly. It saves you from spending on buying a new lighter every now and then. Buying a plasma lighter is a convenient way to reduce garbage and waste that keeps piling up in landfills and nature. Using it will help you play your part in making the society sustainable and environment friendly.

Final Thoughts

A handy lighter is one of those essential tools that help you in various situations. Whether you are at home or going camping, a plasma lighter will become your savior. It will prove to be one of the handiest tools one could carry all the time. A lot of people do not know the advantages of using a plasma lighter. It is rechargeable which makes it long lasting. It is not only safe for you but also for the environment. Plasma lighters allow you to play an important part in the society by being a responsible citizen and wasting fewer resources. Having multiple uses, a plasma lighter is a compact equipment which fits in easily in your pocket. These lighters make your life and trips comfortable.

There are various features that one should consider before buying a plasma lighter. These include size, battery life, auto shut-off feature, user friendliness, durability and its price. There are various companies that manufacture plasma lighters. All of them have different specifications, for example, some may have longer battery power while others may have the shape that you prefer.

Since they can be used for a long period of time, we recommend you to check its specifications carefully before buying it.

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