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In the last fifteen years technological advancement has picked up at a serious pace. When it comes to visual graphics, video quality has gone from chipped visuals to resolutions of above 8k. Screen time for both television watchers and gamers has grown manifolds owing to a number of reasons. This development has also given rise to many challenges such as the need for environment friendly tools to reduce the effect of increased screen time on people. Everyone wants a better viewing experience but not at the cost of putting strain on their eyes. This is where bias lighting comes in.

What is Bias Lighting?

Bias lighting is a soft lighting effect often referred to as backlighting created by placing light behind the screen that you are watching. It can be an LED or LCD screen, a monitor or any video screen. The bias light also comes in several types. Basically, the backlight illuminates the wall behind the screen and this helps to reduce stress on eyes and also creates a beautiful warm glow.

Bias lighting tools are especially useful for those who are in the habit of binge-watching. So to make your viewing better, it is not necessary to spend huge sums on the latest TV models with impressive resolutions. Smart lighting solutions can go a long way to do this for you. Bias lighting aims to reduce the effect of lighting on your eyes by illuminating the surface behind your TV or monitor screen and reducing the reflection of light directly towards your eyes. They are available in a number of colors, color temperatures and lengths. You can choose according to the size of your TV. These can be easily charged with the help of a USB cable which you can plug in your TV/monitor USB port, laptop or simply use your mobile charger. Some come with an adhesive backing and can easily stick to any surface. 

It also comes as a series of lights in the form of a string which can be installed at the rear end of your TV/monitor and create a halo or a glow on the surface behind them. They give an extremely pleasant look to your indoors and their versatility allows them to be used for a number of purposes. When used behind your TV/monitor they work by increasing the ambient light in the line of your vision. They do not change the amount of light emanating from the screen, in fact the increased ambient light tries to correct the imbalance of darkness and light. Secondly, the introduction of this extra light in your vision results in immense improvement in your perception of greys and blacks emanating from your screen. Using the correct bias lighting behind the television and monitor will improve and enrich image quality by increasing contrast. Let’s look at a few benefits of bias lights in detail.

1. Prevents Reflection of Light

The lights in your room, their intensity, the position of your monitor and TV are all going to matter when it comes to reflecting light off your TV screen. When you turn on your TV, it has its own light production system and is also affected by the light arrangement in your room. This effect is apparent when you have to turn off a light and switch on another to get a better visual. One reason for this reflection of light is that within the room, your frontal vision is automatically attracted to the light coming from your TV. If that light reaches your eyes directly, it will hit the lens of your eye and therefore weaken your vision. Installing bias lighting will create illumination behind your TV/monitor so that the light coming from the screen does not fall directly on your eyes. Instead, it first bounces off the wall behind it and is then perceived by your photocells. This eliminates the issue of direct reflection which would otherwise make it annoying to watch TV/monitor. You do not need to light up the entire rear wall but a subtle glow will be enough. 

2. Pleasing to Look

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful, especially the rooms where you entertain your guests. Home development has seen a lot of innovations lately and lighting is not behind in any way. From expensive chandeliers to roof spot lights or decorative lights for your terrace and your garden, good lighting can change the entire look and feel of your home. 

Bias lighting can add the perfect decorative touch to your room with its comforting glow. It is available in the form of strings or noodles of equidistant LED lights and in other varieties and different colors. They can stick to the rear of your television set or your computer monitor around the outline, produce a halo of beautifully colored light and make them look very pleasant. Especially with your lights turned off, it will create a cool effect which your guests would love; even if there are no guests you can still enjoy the warm ambience. 

Turn your room into an impressive home theater by adding bias lighting. You can select from countless colors to give your TV or computer room the look you desire. The affordability of bias lights implies that you can actually have more than one light. So experiment all you like and give your room a different look every now and then. You can turn on the bias lights and invite your friends and family to show them your aesthetic sense. 

3. Better Visual Quality

Although turning on the lights of your room will reduce eye strain, it will create a number of other issues such as dimming the screen’s colors and eliminating the purpose of contrast. It will also compromise image quality and create reflections. Most of the lights in our rooms are positioned either under the roof directly upon the TV set or as high as your head or right in front of the screen. These will definitely result in casting glare on the screen and seriously affect not only your ability to see properly, but also take away the joy of watching your favorite TV series. The whole purpose of color and contrast will be lost. All you will witness will be flashes of light covering the face of your favorite character that would make you tilt your head left and right in the hope of catching a glimpse. With this much effort you simply cannot enjoy the experience fully. 

Bias lighting makes the grays and blacks of your screen look richer. It increases the ambient light around the screen without shining more light in the viewer’s eyes. Moreover, it tricks your mind and makes the contrast look better. With bias lighting, it is not your TV contrast that changes but the perception of your photocells that can now clearly enjoy color and contrast.

4. Safe for Eyes

Constant exposure to bright TV or monitor lights, especially with your room lights turned off, can seriously affect your eyes. Within a dark room, when you focus on a small screen which is emitting light, your pupils  dilate to let in more light and at the same time they are also observing the darkness around that light which can be stressful.

‘Rods’ and ‘Cones’ are the two kinds of cells that we have in our eyes; your peripheral vision is perceived by the rods while cones receive the light that is coming straight from your front. These rods and cones should receive equal work for your eyes to function properly. Prolonged exposure to two extremely contrasting lights will overwork either your rods or your cones, resulting in serious fatigue for your eyes. Your eyes will keep on trying to adjust to even the slightest change in light and get tired in the process. Nobody can do this for hours and you will either have to give your eyes some rest or end up damaging them in the long run. Bias light prevents fatigue by keeping our eyes from constantly trying to adjust to the bright light levels of the screen in contrast to the darkness of the room. 

5. Prevents Migraine & Other Headaches

Constant overload on your rods and cones for a prolonged period of time will end up giving you headaches and may even lead to migraine. Nobody wants a migraine. Ask those who already have them. One thing leads to another and these issues end up giving you sleepless and restless nights which would affect your professional as well as personal life. If you are a regular TV watcher or a hardcore gamer, you may have already experienced frequent headaches when watching TV or playing games for long. This is because of the excessive strain on your eyes that we have discussed above. A bright screen in a dark room is basically enclosed by darkness; your eyes will struggle to adjust to this massive imbalance between light and dark. It will make your eyes work over time in order to address these abnormal circumstances which they are not prepared for. Bias lighting helps in addressing eye strain which is a result of long and frequent exposure to televisions and monitors set up in dark rooms. This will offer protection against headaches, migraines and other health problems that may become serious over time. 

6. Color Temperature

Color temperature refers to how cold or warm a particular light is. It plays a very important role in developing your perception of light. Not just the light coming from your screen, but the surrounding colors in the viewing area will greatly influence your perception of light. If there is an immense difference between the two, it will affect your eyes as well as the image quality. The color temperature of TV sets is usually 6500K or as it is known, daylight colored. Even most of the footage, videos, cartoons, etc are either shot or corrected to be compatible with 6500K. Keeping this in view, your bias lighting should ideally match that of your TV/Monitor, that is 6500K. This makes sure that the content on your screen does not differ from what the editor and director intended to show. If you want to enjoy the perfect viewing experience, with absolute balance between contrast and color, then it is recommended to use daylight colored bias lighting. We advise not to use any light which has a temperature similar to traditional light bulbs i.e.warm white light as it will impair your vision and you will not enjoy your TV series or gaming forlong.

7. Enjoy Long Gaming Hours

Anyone who is a gamer, or lives with one, or has been affected by one, would definitely know how much money, time and energy gaming lovers spend on their gaming stations, computers, monitors or gaming consoles attached to TV Sets. Moreover, game enthusiasts love creating an interesting gaming environment around them. Special gaming chairs, expensive gaming controls such as steering wheels, high power audio systems are common things that can be found in a gamer’s room. Some even record their gameplay along with their gaming setup for their vlogs and some have become really famous doing just that. 

Bias lighting can be used not only for presenting an incredible look to your gaming room, but can also provide ambient light around your TV screen or computer monitor that would offer better visuals and at the same time reduce strain on your eyes. Ask an online gamer what he hates the most and it will definitely be watery eyes that hamper gameplay, especially when it is a competition game. With bias lighting all you online game enthusiasts can continue playing for hours without worrying about watery eyes or headaches and exhaustion. More power to all night gamers!

8. Binge Watching your Favorite TV Series

Who does not want to binge watch his favorite TV show on weekends or during vacations? Who does not want Netflix and chill? Who does not enjoy watching their favorite baseball/soccer team play, especially with some friends over? Resting on your couch, enjoying your favorite bag of crisps with your partner or your dog, is the ideal relaxation idea for most. The habit of binge watching and binge eating has increased in recent times. 

Binge watching implies that your eyes will be constantly exposed to numerous variable light intensities and colors. Mostly people do not have the time during workdays or the patience to wait for the next episode of a particular TV series so they prefer to watch all of them together. You would want to enjoy watching all this without straining your eyes, for reasons already discussed above. Bias lighting would ensure that even prolonged exposure does not affect your vision and at the same time allows you to thoroughly enjoy your favorite TV series while munching on your favorite junk, though we do not recommend the latter.

9. Reduces the Wear & Tear of your TV/Monitor Backlight and Screen

You all know how to adjust the contrast and color levels of your TV/monitor. Both come with provision for manual adjustment as well as numerous pre-settings which you can select according to your preference. However, most people would tend to adjust the contrast and brightness levels of their TV according to what looks pleasant to their eyes; doing this often would hasten the wear and tear of the backlight of your TV/monitor. This may mean having to replace your backlight and that would obviously result in expenditure you may not want. 

Installing bias lighting on your TV/monitor can reduce the frequency of adjusting the brightness/contrast levels, in fact it may just entirely eliminate the need to do so if you install the right bias lighting. Keeping the contrast/brightness of your TV low will increase your TV/monitor’s life and also reduce its power consumption. You can restore your TV/monitor’s factory settings while using your bias lighting and thereby expand the life of your TV/monitor. Moreover, bias lights are very affordable and despite having a long life even if they need replacement you will not have to spend a lot. They can be recharged with just a USB cable.

10. Easy to Install, Easy to Remove

The bias lighting is just a simple string of LED lights that can be fixed to your TV and monitor. It comes in numerous sizes and you can choose the one that suits your TV and monitor best. Some even have the option of selecting among numerous brightness settings. Some have color options you can choose from. They require no complicated installation and usually come with a sticky backing that can adhere to any surface. It takes only a few minutes to install them. They are USB powered, which means that you can plug them in your TV, while they provide you with ambient light. You can charge them using your laptop or even mobile charger. Some even come with a remote control and you can operate them conveniently while sitting on your couch. You can give them any shape and stick them to anything. 

Their utility is not just limited to TV screens and computer monitors, but they can serve other outdoor and indoor lighting purposes. You can even remove them and take the light along to camping. It can be used in several ways; you can use them to light your counters, lighten up the interior or exterior of your RV, light up your dog’s sleeping place and when you return from your trip you can stick it back to your TV or monitor again.

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