Short Micro-USB Chargers | Hercules Tuff

Short Micro-USB Cable Multi-Pack

Designed for charging stations and docks, this multi-pack of Micro-USB cables is a great replacement set for your most used chargers. Fast charge compatibility means you can get back to your device quickly. 

The perfect length Micro-USB Cable

Available on three different length options including 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch. With a length for every situation, you’ll be able to plug into your powerbank while hiking, replace your desk charging dock cable, or easily charge up while driving. With this multi-pack, you’ll never have the “just an inch too short” issue!

Flexible and Durable Charging

Compared to other brands, the Hercules Tuff Micro-USBs last beyond 5,000 bends! If, for some reason, your cable doesn’t work - contact us!

Fast Charge Micro-USB Cable compatibility 

The Micro USB Charging Cables are compatible with a variety of Android products. Below is an extensive, if not comprehensive, list.

Samsung Galaxy S 6, S 6 Edge, S 5, S 4, Note 4, Note 5, HTC One, Amazon Fire, Kindle Fire, PS4 remote, some NOKIA models, most Kindle models, HTC, OnePlus, SONY, Motorola, Power Bank, wireless earphone, PSP, Gamepads, gaming controllers, e-Reader, GPS, cameras, headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Qi wireless charging pad.

MicroUSB cables are also the charger cord for most powerbank models - a very popular choice for your charging station!

100% Money-Back Guarantee!