Sparkr Wick

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The go-to solution for those ‘around the home’ lighting needs. The extended 6 inch neck on the Sparkr Wick will have you reaching comfortably into hard-to-reach candles, barbecues, and more. Gone are the days of holding candles upside down or burning your fingers.


  • DUAL PLASMA BEAMS: Using the latest plasma tech, the Wick lights up whatever you want instantly even in windy or wet environments.
  • GOES THE DISTANCE: The Wick's long neck makes lighting deep candles, barbecues, and pipes a breeze. Perfect for backyard barbecues, patio firepits, firework celebrations, and candle-lit bathtub soaks.
  • STAY ON TARGET: The Wick has a slightly angled head to allow you to lock onto wicks and fuses with Jedi-like accuracy.
  • USB-RECHARGEABLE:  The Wick charges in less than one hour and keeps your sparking for days with Lithium battery powered electric plasma arcs.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: The Power Practical team is committed to providing high-quality products and offers a one-year limited warranty on our electric lighters.