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Luminoodle Remote Control

Whether pieces of it are on their way through your dog's digestive track, your kids hid it somewhere or it disappeared into complete nothingness, this is the place to get another Luminoodle wireless remote control. 

  • White compatiable with:Luminoodle Switch - latest model, Luminoodle Task, Luminoodle TASK USB, and Luminoodle TASK Link
  • Color compatible with:  Luminoodle Color, Luminoodle Basecamp, Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting (all sizes), and Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting (All Sizes)
  • White - V1 compatible with: Luminoodle Switch - earlier models
  • White - V2 compatible with: Luminoodle Switch and Luminoodle Under-Cabinet
  • Color - V1 compatible with: Luminoodle Color - earlier models, Luminoodle Basecamp - earlier models, and Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting (all sizes) - earlier models