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Luminoodle USB Switch

Take control of your Luminoodle lights and other gadgets* with power and dimmer functionality. The Switch plugs in-line with your USB-powered devices to give you in-line brightness controls and a power button. Change your settings directly on the Switch or sit back and relax and control them wirelessly with the included remote control.
  • 20 brightness settings to choose from with USB light strings
  • Power button to turn on/off your devices without messing with cable
  • Male to female in-line USB controller with wireless remote control
  • Compatible with any USB device or LEDs up to 10W (5V,2A)
Perfect Upgrade for:
  • Luminoodle Light Rope (5ft or 10ft
  • Luminoodle White Bias Lighting 
  • USB LED light strip
  • USB tv backlight
  • Raspberry pi 3*
  • Arduino uno

*Not meant for data transfer or charging devices (such as smartphones)

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