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Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting


  • EASY TO USE: The LED strip has 3M adhesive backing and provides enough length to provide a balanced backlight. Use the 1m length for TVs and monitors up to 30", the 2m length for TVs up to 55" and the 3m length for TVs up to 70".
  • 15 Colors: Choose from 15 color settings, 3 white modes and 10 dimmer options to make your viewing experience everything you need.
  • USB-POWERED: Built in reversible USB makes it easy to plug into the USB port on your TV, and turns on and off with your screen.
  • REDUCES EYE STRAIN: Improves Contrast Ratio through the balanced white backlight and reduces eye strain caused changes in picture brightness from scene to scene in games, shows and movies.
  • LONG-LIFE LEDS: High-quality, long-lasting LEDs rated for 50,000 hours of lighting.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Power Practical offers a 1 year warranty with friendly, easy to access customer support.


The Luminoodle Bias Light is the best upgrade to your TV viewing experience since Netflix! It improves the contrast ratios of your TV through a pure white backlight that is easily installed behind any TV or Monitor. Watching TV in a dark environment not only hurts your TVs colors, but it also strains your eyes. Luminoodle solves these problems and takes your movie nights to a whole new level of awesome. 


Tech Specs


Light Ouput 450 Lumens
USB Input Requires 5W (5V,1A)

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