our mission is to develop innovated, effective, and affordable energy products
that shape how people view and use power in their daily lives.



In 2012, Power Practical was started when founders, David and Paul, were sitting around a campfire.  They realized that only a small fraction of the campfire's energy was keeping them warm and the rest disappeared into the sky.  This inspired them to find a way to do something useful with this wasted energy.  With a background in material science engineering, they found a clever way to use thermoelectric technology.  After several years of prototyping with their parents' old cooking pots, they came up with a design that actually worked: The PowerPot.  



The PowerPot is a thermoelectric generator that uses heat to charge phones and other USB devices. Simply add water to the PowerPot, place it on a heat source, and it will start charging your phone within seconds. Since the technology is built into the bottom of the pot it can produce electricity from a wide variety of heat sources. If you would like to learn more about how thermoelectric generators work, be sure to check out our HOW IT WORKS page. The PowerPot has won numerous awards including Backpacker Magazine's Editor's Choice Award in 2013. This simple and useful tool even won over the hearts of the Sharks on the ABC TV series, Shark Tank.



David and Caleb (Co-founder & VP of Sales) had the amazing opportunity to present the PowerPot to the famous billionaire / millionaire entrepreneurs on ABC’s TV show, Shark Tank. After some intense back and forth with the Sharks, Caleb and David they were able to snag a $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban. With Cuban onboard, Power Practical has been able to launch its product line in multiple new retail stores, including Staples, Target, and AFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service). See the PowerPot on Shark Tank.



Our latest product, the Pronto: Fast-Charge Battery, made waves on kickstarter.com raising over $375,000 with the support of 3,000 individuals. Our team developed a portable battery pack that charges up to 12 times faster than any other battery pack on the market today (60W power input compared to standard 5W input found on most power banks). With this fast-charge tech, you can plug the Pronto 12 in the wall for five minutes and have enough power to completely charge your phone on-the-go. The Pronto can be used to charge phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, GPS, and more. The Pronto is loaded with impressive features, including an durable anodized aluminum case and high-power USB outputs. Release date: Fall '15. See the Pronto Kickstarter