Luminoodle Color - $ 5.00 OFF

  • OVER 500 LIGHTING SCENARIOS: 15 Color options, 3 white modes, 10 dimmer settings and 3 strobe/fade modes make this LED rope light adaptable to any of your lighting needs.
  • EASY CONTROLS: The Luminoodle Color has a 3 button controller built into the strip as well as a wireless RF remote so you can change your settings whenever you'd like.
  • EASY TO HANG: The Luminoodle Color includes noodle ties, quick straps, built-in magnets & a utility loop for convenient hanging.
  • LANTERN MODE: The included  nylon ripstop carry bag is designed for both storage and light diffusion. Hang it from your tent to make the perfect tent LED lantern.
  • POWERED BY USB: Any 5V, 1A USB port can power the Luminoodle Color. Whether you use a portable battery pack to have a portable RGB LED light strip on your adventures, or in a wall adapter so you can hang it as a night light, the Luminoodle is ready.
  • WATERPROOF: IP-67 rated (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)


Once upon a time, the dudes from Power Practical dreamed up a light; a light that would be so bright that even the angels of LED heaven would bow to its luminosity. That light was dubbed the Luminoodle. The Luminoodle’s glowing white light did wonders but the people of Kickstarter reminded the Power Practical dudes that the world needs more! “We need dimmers!” they said, “We need more colors!” they proclaimed, “Where’s the on/off switch?” they asked. Then came the Luminoodle Color, with over 500 lighting possibilities to brighten up any situation! Stronger magnets, 3 quick straps, lantern bag, a simple yet intuitive 3-button controller and wireless remote make this light noodle easy to hang and customize wherever you are. And the heavens rejoiced, "Let there be COLOR". 


Tech Specs


Light Ouput 450 Lumens
Length 1.5 m (5 ft)
Weight 133 g (4.7 oz)
USB Input 5W (5V,1A)