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Luminoodle USB Switch

    Compatible with: 
    -  Luminoodle Light Rope (5ft or 10ft)
    - Luminoodle White Bias Lighting 
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: The amount of light in a space changes as the night goes on, so why shouldn’t your light change too? Use this USB device switch to not only turn your USB LED lights on and off without unplugging them but to choose from 20 brightness settings to suit your needs.
  • ADAPTABLE LUMINOODLE BIAS LIGHTING: No more unplugging your USB TV backlight to turn it off. Simply plug the switch into the TV’s port, your TV backlight into the switch’s port and you have an easy on off switch with 20 dimmer settings. If your TV has a constant-on USB port, this switch is for you.
  • INCLUDES: A simple and intuitive in-line USB switch with on/off and dimmer capabilities and a wireless RF remote. Compatible up to 10W (5V, 2A). This USB port switch makes your USB devices easier to use and more customizable. *Not meant for data transfer or phone charging*

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