Bias Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything you need to know about bias lighting - what it is, how to install Luminoodle, and why bias lighting is the best way to upgrade your viewing experience. 

What is bias lighting?

Bias lighting is light that is placed behind your TV or computer screen to add ambient light to boost screen clarity, limit eye strain and fatigue, and enhance your viewing experience.


Does bias lighting really work?

Yes! Bias lighting helps reduce eye strain so that you can watch tv or game with ease. Eye fatigue can be caused by overloading the light-dark receptors in your eyes, (called cones) with an overly bright, concentrated light source. Eye fatigue can also be caused by a lack of ambient lighting or frequent pupil dilation caused by extreme light changes on a screen. Bias lighting helps even out the lighting around a tv or monitor to minimize eye strain.


How do I install Luminoodle bias lighting on a tv or monitor?

  1. Dust, wipe & dry the back of your tv or monitor 

  2. Layout, bend, and trim the lights around the perimeter of the back of your tv or monitor

  3. Peel off the tape and stick to the surface

  4. Connect USB to TV or monitor port


How long does it take to install bias lighting on a tv or monitor?

It should take 5 to 10 minutes to fully install the LED bias lighting.


How to turn off bias lighting?

If you install your bias lighting and plug it into the USB port of your Monitor or TV, the bias lighting will turn on or off with your device. You can also plug it into any 1A USB power source. Additionally, the Pro Bias Lighting and Colored Bias Lighting have wireless remotes for maximum control. 


Where do you put bias lighting on a TV or monitor?

Bias lighting should be placed on the back of your monitor or tv about 1-2 inches from the edge, following the perimeter. 


What size bias lighting do I need?

  • For monitors and TVs that are 24” - 29” use the Medium length bias lighting that is 6.5 feet long.

  • For monitors or TVs that are 30” - 40” use the Large bias lighting that are 10 feet long.

  • For monitors and TVs that are 41” - 59” use the X-Large length bias that are about 13 feet long.

  • For monitors and TVs that are 60” - 80” use the XX-Large bias lighting that is about 16.5 feet long.

What is the difference between the White Bias Lighting, Pro Bias Lighting, and Colored Bias Lighting?

The White Bias, Pro Bias, and Colored Bias Luminoodles differ in lighting and control features. Our White Bias lighting projects True White light with 6500K LEDs while the Pro Bias lighting (our best seller) uses both RGB LEDs and True White Light. The Colored Bias lighting only displayed RBG LEDs. Also, the Pro Bias and Colored Bias lighting include built-in dimmers and wireless remotes while the White Bias lighting does not.


How do I pair my Luminoodle remote?

To pair your remote to your Luminoodle, unplug and replug your light strip. Once it’s replugged, press and hold the brightness up button. The lights will then blink to show it has paired correctly. 


What is the best bias lighting color temperature?

6500K is considered the best bias lighting temperature. Warm lights below 6500K dull the colors on your TV or monitor while cool lights gray out the white colors on your screen to make it pop. Cool-toned 6500K lights provide the best viewing experience for TV viewing, gaming, and more!